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Yashica 8 u-Matic II Cds 8mm movie camera

Yashica 8 u-Matic II Cds 8mm movie camera

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The Yashica 8 u-Matic II is an excellent quality motor drive regular 8mm movie camera from the 1960s. It improves on the original u-Matic in that it has a powered CdS light meter with a vastly expanded metering range (it covers ISO 10 - ISO 640--more than enough to meter even high speed films Kodak Vision 3 500T). The camera features reflex viewing/focusing. We recommend Fomapan R100 as an affordable, still-being-made double 8mm film for use this this camera. We recommend International Film Brokers for less common 8mm film types. 

The camera requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). The camera's light meter requires two 675 zinc oxide batteries (included). Includes original carrying case, original manual, and take-up spool. 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film installed (the film was not developed); the motor is running smoothly. The light meter is responding to light and it appears to be accurate but we're unable to guarantee its accuracy. There is some tarnish on in the light meter battery chamber but it doesn't seem to affect conductivity. The motor battery holder also had a bit of tarnish, we added some copper tape to improve conductivity. The included original carrying case shows significant wear (See photos). 


  • 9-28mm f1.8 zoom lens 
  • Automatic and manual aperture setting
  • True reflex viewing/focusing
  • rewind knob for special effects like lap dissolves and double exposure
  • three filming speeds: 12,16, and 24 frames per second
  • eyepiece dipoter adjustment (set the camera's focus to match your own eyesight). 
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