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Yashica Minister D rangefinder 35mm camera

Yashica Minister D rangefinder 35mm camera

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The Yashica Minister D is a circa mid-1960s 35mm rangefinder camera with a sharp 45mm f2.8 lens. This camera features a light meter that gives readings in EV (exposure value); you turn an EV ring around the lens to match light meter reading. 

This camera requires a 675 zinc-air battery (available as an option). It original used a now-unavailable mercury battery but the zinc-air types are a good substitute. 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film and delivered sharp, well-exposed images. It is in very good cosmetic condition as well (see photos). The most noteworthy flaw is that the EV ring around the lens has a somewhat stiff feel. 


Specifications (source:

  • Film type: 35mm film 
  • Lens: Yashinon 45mm f/2.8, focus range 80cm-infinity 
  • Shutter: Copal-SVL leaf shutter 
  • Shutter speed range: self-timer delay, B, 1-1/500s 
  • Viewfinder: eye-level rangefinder with parallax correction 
  • Flash: cold shoe with PC socket, X and M sync modes 
  • Exposure Modes: manual, quasi-shutter-priority 
  • Exposure Metering: uncoupled CdS 
  • Focusing: manual 
  • Film advance: manual lever with double-exposure prevention 
  • Battery: Mallory PX-13 or 625 button cell for light meter 
  • Weight: 675g 
  • Dimensions: 136 x 85 x 74mm (W x H x D)
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