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Yashica Mimy half-frame 35mm camera plus Braun flash

Yashica Mimy half-frame 35mm camera plus Braun flash

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The Yashica Mimy is a lovely half-frame 35mm camera from the early 1960s. The half-frame picture format is 18×24 mm rather than the 24x36mm of standard 35mm. This means that you get double the amount of shots out of a standard film roll (48 photos out of a 24-exposure roll or 72 out of a 36-exposure roll); this of course means your photos will have more noticable film grain. 

This camera has a fully automatic exposure mode powered by a selenium cell (no battery required). In addition, you can manually pick an f-stop (use this mode for flash photography). The lens is a nice fixed focus Yashinon 28mm f2.8; At f.28, everything from 2.39m-4m will be in focus; by f11 everything from 1.5m to infinity will be in focus (see the manual linked below for a full depth of field chart). 

We included a Braun flash (AA batteries not included) to make the use of very slow film like Fujifilm Velvia 50 more practical;. A neutral density filter is a recommended if you use fast film in bright sunlight (not included; filter size is a 40.5mm). 

Condition notes
We tested the camera with film and it's working very well. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition. The original case is included but its zipper is stuck so it can't be closed.  

It's a relatively simple camera but we do still highly recommend reading the manual listed below to get the best results. We weren't able to locate the full specifications for the camera but our shutter tester gave us a reading of ~1/40sec. The camera's light meter goes from ISO10-250. 


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