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Yashica EZ Zoom 90 35mm film camera

Yashica EZ Zoom 90 35mm film camera

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The Yashica EZ Zoom 90 is a very nice 35mm point-and-shoot from the 1990s. It was made during the vaunted Kyocera period and was sold under a number of names in different markets including: Yashica Zoomtec 90 Super, Yashica Zoom Image 90 Super, Yashica Sensation Zoom 90, and Daewoo Zoomtec 90 Super.

The EZ Zoom 90 features a very nice and sharp 38mm-90mm lens (f3.5-f7.8 with 9 elements in 8 groups) and is powered by a 2CR5 lithium battery (available as an option). 


Condition Notes
This camera (serial number 102278) was tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The camera is very good aesthetic condition as well, the only noteworthy flaw is that one of the battery cover hinges is missing so it can fall out when out opening it (it's easy to put back in place and it locks securely when closed).

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:


  • Type: Fully-automatic 35mm lens-shutter camera with built-in zoom lens.
  • Lens: 38mm F3.5-90mm F7.8(9 elements in 8 groups). 2-speed power zoom/3-stop (38mm, 55mm. 90mm) zoom.
  • Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter.
  • Exposure Control: Programmed automatic exposure. EV 6-17 (ISO 100) coupling range at wideangle, EV 8-17 (ISO 100) at telephoto.
  • Film Speed: Automatic setting with DX-coded ISO 50-1600 film (for each step); film speed automatically set to ISO 100 with non-DX-coded film.
  • Focusing: Auto focus, provided with focus lock; about 1 m/3.3ft.-infinity focusing range (about 0.5m/1,65ft.-infinity in 90mm).
  • Viewfinder: Real-image zoom finder.
  • Display in Viewfinder: Shooting area frame, focus frame, macro picture frame.
  • Display beside Viewfinder Eyepiece: Green LED (focusing indicator). Red LED (flash indicator).
  • LCD Display Panel: Film Exposure Counter/Zoom Focal Distance/ Self-timer Count Down. Battery Warning mark. Self-timer Mode mark. Continuous Shooting Mode mark. Image Lock Zoom Mode mark. Step Zoom Mode mark, Close-up mark. Flash Mode mark. Film Loading: Auto loading (film automatically advances to the first frame).
  • Film Advance: Automatic.
  • Film Rewinding: Auto return/auto slop, film can be rewound in the middle of a roll by a button.
  • Exposure Counter: Automatic resetting, additive type.
  • Self-timer: Quartz-controlled electronic self-timer with about 10 sec. delay; can be cancelled after it has started; self-timer LED blinks while it is operating; exposure counter shows remaining time in seconds.
  • Flash: Built-in, flashmatic type; flash mode button enables various modes to be selected: automatic flash activation in dim light, preflash, flash off, daylight flash (on-demand flash); about I m(3.3ft.)-5m( 16.4ft.)effectivc range at wideangle. about 0.5m( 1,65ft.)-2.5m(8.2ft.) at telephoto, about 2.4 see. recycle time (with new battery, at ordinary temperature; tested according to manufacturer testing standard).
  • Battery: One 6V lithium battery (2CR5); battery capacity enough for exposing about 30 rolls of 24-exposure film with 50% flash (with new lithium battery, at normal temperature, according to our testing standards).
  • Dimensions & Weight: 140.5(W) x 74(H) x 66(D)mm (5-1/2 x 2-7/
  • 8 x 2-5/8 in.), approx. 420g (14.78oz.) with data back (without battery);
  • I4O.5(W) x 74(H) x 65(D)min (5-1/2 x 2-7/8 x 2-1/2 in.), approx. 405g (14.26oz.) without data back (without battery).
  • Dimensions & Weight: 73(W) x 17.5(H) x l7(D)min (2.87 x 0.69 x 0.67 in.), approx. 10g(0.35oz.).
  • Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
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