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Yamasheta 35mm film camera

Yamasheta 35mm film camera

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The Yamasheta is a very simple 35mm from the 1980s made by the the Yunon Optical Co. of Taipei. It's functionally very similar to the well-known 'Time Magazine camera' of the same era, made in the same factory.

This camera is fully mechanical and does not require batteries. It is intended to be used with color negative film. It has a fixed shutter speed and 4 apertures which correspond with the light conditions: f6 (overcast); f8 (partly sunny); f11 (mostly sunny); f16 (full sun). It uses a focus-free lens. 

You can attach a standard camera flash (not included) for indoor and low light use. 

Condition notes
The camera is in overall very good condition. The shutter is firing correctly and the hot-shoe triggered flashes correctly in our tests. The frame counter is working correctly. 

Example photos 
Here are some example photos that other people have taken with the Yamasheta: (Note some of these are showing light leaks, which are somewhat common with this model but difficult to predict without testing a roll of film). 

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