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Vivitar PZ3140 35mm camera w/ original box and manual

Vivitar PZ3140 35mm camera w/ original box and manual

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The Vivitar PZ3140 is a 35mm film point-and-shoot from circa 2004. This was one of the top models in the company's range.

Here's how it was described in the 2004 Vivitar catalog:

  • Compact 35mm 4X Power Zoom Camera featuring Data Back
  • Featuring a 38—140mm Power Zoom Lens
  • Maximum f/stop of 3.9 for low-light photography
  • Shutter speeds down to 1 second
  • Active infrared auto focus system with focus-lock
  • Switchable panorama mode
  • Self-timer

The camera requires a CR123 battery (available as an option).

Example photos
Here are a few photos that other people have taken with the PZ3140:

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film and a battery installed (it was not developed however) and it is working correctly. In addition we verified the camera's autofocus by checking the film plane focus on an autocollimator. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos).


  • Type: 35mm lens shutter camera with zoom lens and built-in flash. 
  • Film: 35mm DX film (ISO 50-3200); picture format: 24 x 36mm
  • Lens: 38mm /F3.9 ~ 140mm /F10, motor zoom lens (10 elements in 7 groups)
  • Shutter: Electronically-programmed shutter 
  • Shutter speed: 
    • 1/70-1/300 second (in automatic, red-eye reduction, and 'flash on' modes) 
    • 1/4-1/300 second (in 'flash off' mode) 
    • 1-1/300 second (in night view portrait mode) 
    • 1/70-1/300 second (in close-up mode) 
  • Focusing: Passive automatic focussing (includes focus lock function)

  • Focusing range: 
    • Standard mode: 0.8m-infinity

    • Close-up modes: 0.75m-1m (Tele) 0.5m-1m (Mid) 0.7m-1m (Wide) 
  • Viewfinder: Real image type (includes panorama mode option); coverage: 83% or greater Magnification: 0.32 x (38mm)~1.12 x (140mm) 
  • Flash: Built-in flash, recharge time is 7 seconds 
  • Flash range:
    • 38mm (Wide): 0.8-5.6 m (ISO 100) 
    • 140mm (Tele): 0.8-2.2 m (1SO 100)
  • Photograph modes: Functional modes: close-up, self timer, remote control, red-eye reduction Flash modes: Auto flash, flash on, flash off, night view portrait
  • Film transport: Auto loading, auto advance, auto rewind (including mid-roll rewind) 
  • Film speed: ISO 50-3200 with auto setting
  • Self-timer: Electronically-controlled timer, approximately 10 seconds delay
  • LCD panel: Exposure counter, photograph mode, battery symbol
  • Power Source: CR 123 lithium battery x1
  • Dimensions: 66.5mm(height) x 120mm(width) x 56.7(depth)
  • Weight: 272.4g
  • Other: Automatic shut-off function (after approximately 5 minutes), tripod socket

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