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Vivitar VX-2 35mm SLR

Vivitar VX-2 35mm SLR

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The Vivitar VX-2 is a simple and lightweight 35mm SLR that's compatible with Pentax K-mount lenses. The camera was built by the company Cosina (who also sold this camera as the CT-2). The included lens is a Vivitar 50mm f1.7.

Features-wise, the VX-2 offers an aperture priority auto-exposure mode, a X-sync mode for flash use, and a bulb exposure mode. In addition it offers a solid-state self-timer. This camera is quite comparable to Pentax's own ME and MG model (which also use K-mount lenses).

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film and gave sharp, well-exposed photos. There has a small crack in the top cover of the camera that was repaired with epoxy (see photos), this doesn't affect the camera's performance. 


See page two of the manual.

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