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Vivitar Series 1 320Z 35mm film camera

Vivitar Series 1 320Z 35mm film camera

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Note: this camera has a few minor issues: the 'macro mode' is not working; its case's velcro is not holding; and there is some dust visible in the lens. That said, its lens is focusing correctly and is very sharp for a camera of its class. It's a good value for someone not bothered by the issues mentioned. 

The Vivitar Series 1 320Z is a simple 35mm point-and-shoot from the 1990s featuring the company's well-regarded "Series 1" lens technology. 

We weren't able to locate the manual for this camera but it's very simple to use. There's a sticker on the back explaining most of its features.

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included).


  • Series 1 autofocus lens 35-60mm
  • Power Zoom
  • Automatic film speed setting by DX code for ISO 50/100/200/400/1000/1600
  • Auto film load, advance, and rewind by motor
  • Electronic self-timer
  • Auto flash (turns itself off and on as needed)

Condition notes
The camera is in good cosmetic and functional condition apart from the issues listed above. We ran film through the camera and tested all modes (we did not develop the film). In addition we verified the film plane focus accuracy on an autocollimator (the lens displayed very good sharpness and resolving power for a 35mm compact zoom lens!).

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