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Vivitar PN2011 wide-angle 35mm film camera

Vivitar PN2011 wide-angle 35mm film camera

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The tiny Vivitar PN2011 is a simple, ultra-compact mechanical 35mm wide angle camera. It only features a single shutter speed (1/125) and aperture (f8) but its 28mm lens offers a very generous depth of field and surprisingly nice image quality for such a cheap camera.

This camera is intended to be used in daylight with ISO 200 or 400 color film. This camera does not require batteries.

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film (it was not developed however) and it is working correctly. The viewfinder does have a small amount of dust (this doesn't affect photos) and the camera has some minor cosmetic wear. 

Example photos
Here are some pictures that others have taken with this model of camera:

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