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Vintage 1970s leatherette camera shoulder bag

Vintage 1970s leatherette camera shoulder bag

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Note 1: Camera equipment shown in one of the photos is for illustration/scale purposes and is not included.

Note 2: Postage for larger, lightweight items like this bag are calculated by volume rather than weight. If you buy this along with a smaller item (like a camera), the shipping calculator sometimes overestimates the cost. We always refund overages but we're happy to calculate the correct postage beforehand if you contact us with the items and your address. 

This is a very well-preserved 1970s tan leatherette camera shoulder bag. It features metal top and front clasps so it closes very securely. The bag's interior feature two 'levels': the top 'shelf' features a molded area for storing a standard 35mm SLR camera (and an clasp on a strap to keep it in place); the bottom area features compartment for easy storage of lenses, flashes, and film. 

Condition notes

This bag is in very good condition (see photos).

Size and weight

This bag is approximately 34cm long x 23cm high x 24cm deep (external dimensions) and weighs 1.7kg. 

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