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Ultronic Kinetic Optical Color Lens focus free 35mm camera

Ultronic Kinetic Optical Color Lens focus free 35mm camera

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Note: This camera's frame counter is not working properly (it doesn't reset to zero when you open the film door) so we would recommend this to someone who doesn't mind not having a frame counter. The camera is otherwise working correctly. 

The Ultronic 35mm camera with Kinetic Optical Color Lens is a very basic reusable 35mm focus free camera. This same camera different branding was the famed 'Time Magazine Camera' given away with subscriptions. It was also sold as the Concord SS-3.

This camera is fully mechanical and does not require batteries. It is intended to be used with color negative film. It has a fixed shutter speed and 4 apertures which correspond with the light conditions: f6 (overcast); f8 (partly sunny); f11 (mostly sunny); f16 (full sun).  

You can attach a standard camera flash (not included) for indoor and low light use. 

Condition notes
The camera is in overall very good condition. The shutter is firing correctly and the hot-shoe triggered flashes correctly in our tests. The frame counter does not appear to be working (used to tell how many shots you've used on a roll).

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