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TV Guide 35mm film camera

TV Guide 35mm film camera

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This camera is a very basic reusable 35mm focus free design. It was originally offered as a bonus for TV Guide magazine annual subscriptions. It appears to be identical to the more famous 'Time Magazine camera' except for a slightly different film counter mechanism (on this camera you manually turn it to 'S' when a film roll is installed). 

This camera is fully mechanical and does not require batteries. It is intended to be used with color negative film. It has a fixed shutter speed and 4 apertures which correspond with the light conditions: f6 (overcast); f8 (partly sunny); f11 (mostly sunny); f16 (full sun).  

You can attach a standard camera flash (not included) for indoor and low light use. 

Condition notes
The camera is in overall very good condition. The shutter is firing correctly and the hot-shoe triggered flashes correctly in our tests. The frame counter is working correctly. 

Example photos 
These examples are of the Time Magazine camera which uses the same lens:

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