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Sea & Sea MX-10 Motor Marine 35mm camera w/ YS-40A strobe + macro lens + extra O-rings + carrying case

Sea & Sea MX-10 Motor Marine 35mm camera w/ YS-40A strobe + macro lens + extra O-rings + carrying case

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The Sea & Sea MX-10 Motor Marine 35 is a high quality amphibious 35mm film camera (meaning for both underwater and surface use). The camera has a built-in flash but the kit also includes a much more powerful detachable YS-40A strobe that uses a clever infrared sync so there's no metal connector to rust or corrode.   

The camera uses a fixed focus design where the underwater focal point is 1.2 meters and for non-underwater/landlubber use (charmingly called 'topside photography' in the manual), the focal distance is 2.5 meters. The depth of field is quite generous above water so it works well for snapshots in good light (see manual for depth of field at various f-stops).

The included macro lens attachment is mostly intended to be used underwater: it has a focal distance of 25cm and an integrated measurement guide (which is very useful for closeup shots of underwater plants etc). 


  • Sea & Sea MX-10 Motor Marine 35 camera
  • YS-40A underwater strobe
  • Attachable macro lens with focus measurement guide
  • Yellow nylon carrying case
  • Kit with two extra camera o-rings, one extra strobe o-ring, o-ring grease, and o-ring remover tool

The camera requires two AA batteries (not included). The strobe requires four AA batteries (not included). As with any underwater camera, it's strongly recommend that you read the manual. Our warranty requires that you follow the care and maintenance instructions in the manual. 

Condition notes
The camera, strobe, macro lens, and case are all in very good condition with only minor wear from use (see photos). There is a bit of rust of the carrying case's rivets.

MX-10 camera:
YS-40A strobe:

Review and example photos
The June 1997 issue of Skin Diver published this detailed review of the MX-10 and the reviewer included a very nice sample photo:

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