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Samsung Slim Zoom 290W (Rollei Prego 90) 35mm camera w/case

Samsung Slim Zoom 290W (Rollei Prego 90) 35mm camera w/case

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The Samsung Slim Zoom 290W is one of the better 35mm zoom point-and-shoot cameras from the 90s. Popular Photography's write up described the camera's 28-90mm zoom lens as "absolutely, positively the most useful range offered on a point-and-shoot." It's essentially the same camera as the Korean-made Rollei Prego 90 (Samsung owned Rollei from 1995 to 1999) with only minor cosmetic differences. It was also sold as the Maxima Zoom 90i. 

This camera requires two CR123 batteries (available as an option). 

Condition Notes
This camera was tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The cameras true film-plane focus accuracy was verified on an auto-collimator. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos).

Example photos
Here are some example photos taken with the Samsung Slim Zoom 290W/Maxima 90i/Rollei Prego 90:

(For the nearly identical Rollei Prego 90):


  • Camera type: Fully automatic 35mm leaf-shutter camera
  • Film: DX-coded 35 mm film; negative size: 24 mm x 36 mm (standard); 13 mm x 36 mm (panorama)
  • Lens: 28 - 90 mm power zoom f/3.6-9.8 (11 elements, 8 components)
  • Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter for speeds from 1/3 s to 1/400 s and B (1/2 s - 60 s)
  • Focusing: Active infrared AF system with focus lock; Focusing range: 0.45 m - infinity; Auto close-up range: 0.45 m - 1 m
  • Exposure control: Program AE - AE coupling range (with ISO 100/21° film) W (28 mm): EV 11.0-17.6 T (90 mm): EV 13.4-17.6
  • Viewfinder: Real-image type with focus frame and parallax marks; Field of view: 83%; Magnification: 0.33x - 1.06x
  • Film-speed range: Automatic setting with DX-coded film: ISO 50/18° - 3200/36°
  • Film threading: Automatic with winding to first frame when camera back is closed
  • Film advance/rewinding: Automatic. Mid-roll rewinding possible.
  • Flash: Built-in electronic zoom flash - AUTO: Flash activated automatically in low light - FILL-IN: Forced flash activation in daylight and slow sync for night shots - OFF: Flash does not fire. Slow shutter speeds for available-light photography. - PREFLASH: Reduction of red-eye - Flash range (with ISO 200/24° film) W (28 mm): 0.45 m - 8.5 m T (90 mm): 0.57 m - 4.2 m - Recycling time: approx. 3 s

Special features

  • Via flash button:
    • Red-eye reduction
    • Backlight control: +1.5 EV
    • Exposure compensation: ± 3 EV (0.5 EV increments)
    • Fill flash and flash off
    • Via function selector:
    • Fuzzy Zoom mode
    • Portrait Zoom mode
    • Step Zoom mode
    • Continuous shooting
    • Multiple exposures
    • Interval shooting
    • Bulb (time exposures)
    • Zone focusing
    • Infinity lock
  • Self-timer modes:
    • Single/Double self-timer
    • 2-second delay
    • Remote control (optional handset)
  • Cue lamp: Self-timer lamp lights at instant of exposure
  • Auto power off: Lens cover closes and power shuts off if camera remains inactive for three minutes
  • Data back (QD model only): Automatic calendar and quartz clock + Date imprinting 
  • Power source: Two 3V lithium batteries (CR 123A or DL 123A)
  • Dimensions (mm): Weight (without batteries): 132x75x56 320 g
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