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Samsung Slim Zoom 145S (Schneider Xenon lens)

Samsung Slim Zoom 145S (Schneider Xenon lens)

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The Samsung Slim Zoom 145S is a very sophisticated 35mm point-and-shoot built around an excellent Schneider Xenon 38-145mm f3.7-10.98 (11 elements in 8 groups) lens. It's a very easy camera to use when you stick to the basics but offers some of the most advanced controls I've encountered in a point-and-shoot if you want to go deep, including:

  • Fuzzy mode (intelligent exposure)
  • Portrait zoom
  • Step zoom
  • Continuous shooting
  • Double exposure
  • Interval shooting
  • Bulb exposure
  • Snap shooting (fixed focus between 1.3-6m) mode
  • Spot metering mode
  • Landscare (force infinity focus) mode
  • Single and doulble self-timer modes
  • 2 Second delay shutter release mode
  • Red-eye reducation flash mode
  • Backlight compensation mode +1.5EV
  • Exposure compensation mode: +/-3EV (0.5 EV steps_
  • Fill flash/Flash off modes

Condition Notes
This camera (serial number 8302688) was tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The cameras true film-plane focus accuracy was verified on an auto-collimator. The camera is in good cosmetic condition except that a rubberized backing on the back partially wore off (see photos). The original case is included.

Read the manual here:

See pages 58-60 of the manual.

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