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Samsung Slim Zoom 115A 35mm camera

Samsung Slim Zoom 115A 35mm camera

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Note: We removed this camera's built-in lens cap as its spring was weak and felt it potentially could fail and ruin some photos. The camera is fully functional without it. 

The Samsung Slim Zoom 115A is a quality and feature-rich 35mm zoom point-and-shoot from the late 1990s. This camera features a 38-15mm zoom lens. 
This camera requires two CR123 batteries (available as an option).


Condition Notes
This camera was tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The camera's true film-plane focus accuracy was verified on an auto-collimator and its autoexposure was tested using a calibrated light source. The camera is in good cosmetic condition except for the removed lens cap mentioned earlier.

We weren't able to locate a manual but the modes appear to be nearly identical to this contemporary model:

Example photos
Here are some pictures other people have taken with the Slim Zoom 115A:

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