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Rolleimat F 35mm zone focus camera w/ box, case, and manual

Rolleimat F 35mm zone focus camera w/ box, case, and manual

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The Rolleimat F is a 35mm zone focus* camera introduced in 1978. This camera features a lovely Rolleinon 38mm f2.8 lens, an integrated flash, a 46mm filter thread, support for film speeds from ISO 25-500. 

The Rolleimat F requires a 675 zinc-air battery for its light meter (one is included, and spare can be ordered as an add-on) and two AA batteries for its flash (not included).

*'Zone focus' cameras use pictograms on the lens (and marked distances) to help you focus. In our experience it's a very simple and effective system that often yields fewer blurry shots than an autofocus camera. For the Rolleimat F there are 4 presets: 1m is a head and shoulders portrait framing; 1.5m for head and torso portrait framing; 3m for full body portraits, groups of people and snapshots; and infinity for scenery. In addition there are distance markers so you can focus by estimating the subject distance in feet or meters if you prefer.

Condition notes
We tested this Rolleimat F with film installed (we did not process the film) and all features are working correctly. In addition we verified the camera's infinity focus using an autocollimator (it showed excellent sharpness). The camera is in overall very good cosmetic condition but there is a small repaired crack on the bottom near the battery door (see photo). The camera comes with its original box, ever-ready case, and multi-lingual manual. 

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with the Rolleimat F:



  • Type: 24 × 36 mm viewfinder camera with automatic CdS programmed exposure system and built-in electronic flash unit. 
  • Features: Rapid film loading system, forward counting frame counter with automatic zeroing, rapid film advance with lock to prevent double exposures and overwinding; bright frame viewfinder 0.48 x with parallax mark, aperture scale, underexposure warning area and flash ready signal; central behind-the-lens shutter, cable release thread, self-timer, 1" tripod socket, carrying eyelets.
  • Exposure automation: Electronic exposure control from 1/350 sec. f22 to 1/60 sec f 2.8; adjustable film speeds 15-28 DIN/25-500 ASA; CdS cell near lens, effective even when filter is used; measuring range EV 9-17 (64-16300 cd/m^2) at 100 ASA/21 DIN; power supply by one 1.35 volt mercury battery (note: these batteries are no longer available, modern 675 zinc air batteries are a good affordable alternative)
  • Lens: 38 mm Rolleinon 1:2.8 with helical mount, 4 components 3 elements; focusing by click-in zone symbols or m/ft scale from 1 m/ 3.3 ft, selected zone symbol visible in viewfinder; filter thread M 46 x 1. 
  • Electronic flash unit: Guide number 12 (39) and operating range -4.8 m (3.3-15.7 ft) at 21 DIN (100 ASA), recycling time approx. 7 sec, double ready indicator, number of flashes approx. 250; "Flashmatic" system, in shooting position automatically switched on and connected to exposure programme; spring-loaded extendable reflector; power supply by two 1.5 V akaline batteries.
  • Dimensions: approx. 135 x 54.5 x 77 mm (5.31 x 2.15 x 3.03 in).
  • Weight: approx. 380 g (13.40 oz) without batteries.
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