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Ricoh TF-900D 35mm film camera (serial 26396079)

Ricoh TF-900D 35mm film camera (serial 26396079)

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The Ricoh TF-900D (called the TF-500 in other countries) is a high quality auto-focus dual lens point-and-shoot 35mm camera from the late 1980s. You just have to click a button to switch between the 35mm f/2.8 wide-angle and 70mm f/5.6 tele lens. It's a fun camera to use and its dual lens arrangement offers sharper photos than comparable zoom lens models.  

Note: The "D" at the end of TF-900D stands for the camera's date imprinting option. This is mostly a novelty as the clock only goes up to 2019. It does let you print time in hours and minutes though (and you can of course turn the imprinting feature off altogether). 

This camera requires a 6v CR-P2 lithium battery (available as an option). The manual estimates 5 years of typical usage or 1000 photos per battery. 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film installed and performed well (the film was not developed). In addition, we verified the camera's true film plane focus accuracy at both focal lengths using an autocollimator. The camera's cosmetic condition is very good as well (see photos) with only minor wear on the body. The original case is included but is in very worn condition (see last photo).

Example photos
Here are some photos taken by other people with this model of camera



  • Type: 35 mm wideangle/telephoto switchable lens shutter type with automatic focusing
  • Lens: 35 mm f2.8, 4 elements/3 groups; 70 mm f5.6, 8 elements/6 groups
  • Focusing: Automatic focusing with pre-focus facility. Distance measuring (shooting) range: 0.9 m (3.0 ft) - infinity; Distance less than 0.9 m (3.0 ft): out-of-focus warning (blinking person icon). 
  • Shutter: Programmed AE type electronic shutter, 1-1/500 sec
  • Self-Timer: Built-in electronic audio-visual type. Operating delay of approx. 10 sec
  • Viewfinder: Albada type bright-frame viewfinder with parallax correction marks. Adjustable for telephoto and wideangle by motor. Magnification: 0.7X (at T) 0.38X (at W). Field of view: 87 % (at T), 84% (at W).
  • Viewfinder Information: Field of View Frame, Parallax Correction Marks, Auto Focus Frame, Zone Marks
  • Exposure Adjustment:  With SPD photocell. Exposure coupling range: Telephoto EV5~17 (ISO 100) Wide EV 3-17 (ISO 100). Exposure adjustment system: +2
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 64--1600. Compatible with DX-code system
  • Film Advance/Rewind: By a built-in motor. Automatic 1st. frame setting. Automatic film rewind at the end of film.
  • Film Loading: RICH auto-load system
  • Exposure Counter: Additive, counts down during film reverse
  • LCD Display: Film loaded, Film advance. Film taken up onto film take-up spool, Exposure counter, Film reverse and reverse completion, Film Speed, DX
  • film, Exposure Compensation, Number of exposures of film, Continuous shooting, Battery loaded, Battery low warning
  • Built-in Flash: Electronic flash automatically activates in dim light. (Fill flash possible)
  • Flash range: 
    • Telephoto 0.9-2.8 m (3.0-9.2 ft).
    • Wide-angle 0.9-5.6 m (3.0-18.4 ft) with ISO 100 film
    • Guide Number: 12 (ISO 100, m.). Exposure adjustment through flashmatic system
  • Interval Between Flashes: About 2-3 second
  • Number of Shots Possible: If half of pictures are taken with flash, the battery will expose about
  • 1,000 frames. If 8 rolls of 24-exposure film a year are used, the battery should not need changing for about five years.
  • Power Source: 1 Lithium battery CR_P2, DL 223A, BR-P2DP (6 volts) or equivalent
  • Dimensions: 137 (W) × 73 (H) × 50 (D) mm (5.4" ×2.9" x2")
  • Weight: 320g (11.3 oz) (without battery)


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