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Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105 35mm film camera

Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105 35mm film camera

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The Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105 is a high-quality 'superzoom' 35mm point-and-shoot featuring an elaborately designed 38-105mm lens.

You can read Popular Photography's 1993 review of this camera here. This sophisticated camera was quite expensive when new ($449 USD which translates to $926 inflation-adjusted USD in December 2022).

This camera requires a 6v 2CR5 lithium battery (available as an option). 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film installed and performed well (the film was not developed). The camera's cosmetic condition is very good as well (see photos) with only minor wear on the body. We verified both the film plane focus accuracy and exposure accuracy (both are superb).


See pages 30-31 in the manual.

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