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Ricoh R1E 35mm camera w/ case (no LCD)

Ricoh R1E 35mm camera w/ case (no LCD)

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Note: This Ricoh R1E has the two common issues with this series: 1) LCD (which shows the frame count and modes) is not working and 2) the battery door snap is broken. Fortunately neither affect the camera's excellent picture-taking performance. In the case of the battery door, double-stick tape holds it closed effectively. The camera resets to 'auto-everything' when you switch it on and off, so you can still quite easily use its various modes (see this video to see how). 

The Ricoh R1E is the export version of the legendary Japanese R1 premium quality 35mm point-and-shoot. RE1 uses a different body material and omits the supplementary wide-angle lens (for ultra-wide angle shots) but it is otherwise mostly the same. 

This camera requires a CR2 battery (available as an option).

Condition notes
Apart from the aforementioned LCD counter/mode and battery door issues this camera is in very good cosmetic and working condition. We tested the camera's film plane focus on an autocollimator and verified its autoexposure accuracy using a shutter tester and calibrated light source.

Example photos
As the RE1 is somewhat less common than the other R1 versions, it's a bit tricky to find example photos (the image quality should be the same as both models share the same lens design except for the wide mode in the non-E versions); here are some examples posted on a forum:

Specifications (source:

  • Lens: 30mm F3.5 (4 elements in 4 groups)
  • Focus: Subject Passive AF (3 Point) 0.35m - infinity
  • Finder: Optical viewfinder; Brightlines for full frame and panoramic
  • Image Size Full frame and mask crop panoramic
  • Shutter Electronic shutter 2s - 1/400s
  • Film 35mm (135 cartridge)
  • ISO 50 - 3200
  • DX (default ISO 100)
  • Winding Pre-wind, auto rewind, mid-roll rewind
  • Flash:
    • Auto flash, red eye preflash, on, off, slow synchro
      • Range 0.35m - 2.7m (ISO 100)
    • Range 0.35m - 2.7m (ISO 100)
      • Range 0.35m - 5.4m (ISO 400)
    • 5s recycle time
  • Modes: Super Night mode, Single AF mode, Infinity mode, timer/ remote control mode
  • Power: Single 3V lithium battery CR-2
  • Size: Width 117mm Height 25mm Depth 61mm
  • Mass: 140g without battery
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