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Praktica Nova 1B 35mm SLR camera with Exaktar 135mm f2.8 lens

Praktica Nova 1B 35mm SLR camera with Exaktar 135mm f2.8 lens

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Note: The sensitivity of the built-in light meter is much lower than it should be so it's mostly only useful for relative metering in full sunlight. You'll need to use the Sunny 16 rule or use a handheld meter for this camera.

The Praktica Nova 1B is a stylish East German 35mm SLR from the late 1960s. It's a basic camera with shutter speeds from 1 second to 1/500 (plus a bulb mode). The included lens is an Auto Exaktar 135mm f2.8 which is very nice for portraits. The camera stops down the lens with a half-press of the shutter which is a very nice feature for composing your photos with an accurate depth-of-field.

Condition notes
As mentioned above, the selenium light meter has lost much of its sensitivity. Otherwise the camera is in good aesthetic condition and in good working order. All shutter speeds are working; the accuracy is good as well except the 1 second speed is a tad slow. The included lens has a somewhat stiff focusing action but is in otherwise good condition. 

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