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Praktica L 35mm film SLR camera w/Helios-44M-6 58mm f2 lens

Praktica L 35mm film SLR camera w/Helios-44M-6 58mm f2 lens

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The Praktica L is a no-nonsense East German 35mm SLR camera from the early 1970s. It uses the common M42 lens mount (found in Pentax Spotmatic SLRs and many other types). It's in great working condition. All shutter speeds are working with very good accuracy. It includes a sharp Helio-44M-6 58mm f2 lens (a classic Soviet model). 

The L has a vertical running focal plane shutter (similar to the Copal Square types used in Konica and Nikkormat SLRs) with speeds from bulb to 1/1000 sec. The flash sync speed is 1/125.

This is a purely mechanical camera that requires no batteries as it has no built-in light meter, ideal for someone interested in shooting using the 'sunny 16 rule' or a handheld meter (or a light meter phone app). It's also a good camera for use with an auto thyristor flash as it has a relatively fast flash sync speed. 

Condition notes
The camera and lens are in very good cosmetic (see photos) and functional condition. We tested it with a shutter analyzer and all speeds show very good accuracy. In addition, we verified the film plane focus accuracy on an autocollimator.

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