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Polaroid SX-70 instant camera with original leather case

Polaroid SX-70 instant camera with original leather case

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Note: We've heard some reports of issues ejecting film with SX-70 and Polaroid 680 type SLR cameras using new Polaroid Originals film. This is due to the film itself not the camera. Polaroid Originals/Impossible calls this known issue a 'sticky film pack.' The solution in most cases is to simply tap the film pack on its end "like a cigarette pack" before you load it. See this video made by Impossible/Polaroid for more info: . For more stubborn cases (like expired film packs) try this alternative method:

This is the original Polaroid SX-70 folding instant film SLR camera. It's truly a landmark design and one of the great instant cameras ever made. It uses SX-70 type instant film by Polaroid Originals (available at most good camera shops and online). This camera is best used outdoors in daytime or in a well lit situations unless you buy a flash (e.g. vintage flashbars or the new MiNT electronic flashbar).

This is the version with a split-image focusing aid in the viewfinder (making much easier to focus than the version with a plain screen).


Vintage film
Here's a very interesting short film about the SX-70 from the 70s commissioned by Polaroid and made by Charles and Ray Eames:

Condition notes
This Polaroid SX-70 is in very good aesthetic condition (some minor wear on the leatherette, see photos) and is working perfectly. The camera was film tested and the instant photos were exposed and focused correctly. The viewfinder fresnel has a small amount of dust (this does not affect picture quality). We were unfortunately not able to test the flash contacts as we don't have access to a flashbar but we did clean them. The original and quite beautiful genuine leather Polaroid carrying case is included (in good condition but with some minor scuffing). It uses 'SX-70 flim' by Polaroid Originals.

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