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Polaroid SX-70 Alpha Executive instant camera

Polaroid SX-70 Alpha Executive instant camera

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The circa-1977 SX-70 Alpha Executive is a rare Polaroid SLR model and, in our opinion, perhaps the nicest looking instant film camera the company ever made. Functionally, this camera is identical to the SX-70 Alpha.

It features the same 4 element glass 116mm lens. It includes a strap and tripod socket (this is handy for long exposures).

In general, we recommend using SX-70 type cameras in good light. The camera does include a socket which can either be used with vintage flashbars or the modern MiNT Camera Flash Bar 2.

This camera uses Polaroid Originals SX-70 type film packs. For the best possible results, read this page for exposure tips using modern film packs:

Manual (for the functionally equivalent SX-70 Alpha 1)

Condition notes
We tested this camera with a film pack and it worked perfectly. There is some slight dust in the viewfinder (does not affect images) and some wear on the leatherette (see photos) but is in overall very good condition. 

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