Polaroid OneStep 600 instant film camera

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The Polaroid OneStep 600 was the first camera designed to use type 600 film (this film is still available today from Polaroid Originals and sold at most cameras stores). It's a relatively simple camera with a very striking angular styling that differs from later models.

The camera was tested with a film pack and is working correctly.

Note that this model does not feature a built-in flash so it is best used outdoors or in brightly lit interiors. It is compatible with Polaroid Flashbars. 

Feature highlights
* Lens: 116mm f/11
* Fixed focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet).
* Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
* No electronic flash. Has socket for flashbars instead which sit above a plastic flap which flips down to protect lens and controls.