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Polaroid Impulse AF Autofocus instant camera (serial M8V1CKH4NA)

Polaroid Impulse AF Autofocus instant camera (serial M8V1CKH4NA)

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The Polaroid Impulse AF is a sonar autofocus instant film camera from the 1990s that uses type 600 instant film packs. 

The Impulse AF camera uses Polaroid's fascinating and unique sonar autofocusing. This technology is very accurate and even works in complete darkness; its only practical limitation is that it can't focus through windows. Here's how it's described in the manual:

When you take a picture, your camera uses sound waves to measure the distance to your subject. A built-in computer then uses this measurement to provide the correct lens setting. The sound waves travel to the central part of the scene (approximate area circled in white), so be sure there are no objects in front of your subject.
Example photos

Here are some photos that other people have taken with the Impulse AF:

Condition notes

This camera is in very good cosmetic and working condition; it was tested with a film pack.


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