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Pentax Super Program 35mm film SLR w/ SMC Pentax A 50mm f1.7 lens + ME Winder II + original manual

Pentax Super Program 35mm film SLR w/ SMC Pentax A 50mm f1.7 lens + ME Winder II + original manual

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Note: This camera has a very minor issue with its frame counter. At the end of 24 exposure rolls, the counter sometimes doesn't reset when you open the film door after rewinding the film. You just need to advance the camera a few extra frames with the film out to reset the counter. This didn't affect 36 exposure rolls in our testing. 

The Pentax Super Program (called the Pentax Super-A in some countries) is a high quality, and very compact Pentax K-mount 35mm SLR. It won the prestigious European Camera of the Year award for 1983-1984. This particular example (serial number 1081548) comes with a tack sharp SMC Pentax-A 50mm F1.7 lens. This is how the Pentax Forum page dedicated to the Super Program/Super-A describes the camera: "[d]isregarding the Pentax LX which is in a class by itself, the Pentax Super Program is the top model among all Pentax manual focus cameras when it comes to features and specifications." And indeed it really does pack a lot of features into a small body (including a nice program auto exposure mode and an impressive 1/2000 top shutter speed; and a faster flash sync speed than the LX).

Also included is the detachable Winder ME II which allows for 2 fps motor drive. The winder is ideal for professional photography assignments, like fashion and portraiture. Removing the winder and shooting with manual wind is ideal when quiet operation is more important (eg street photography). 

Battery info

The Super Program requires two 357 silver oxide batteries (optional) and Winder ME II requires four AA batteries (not included).

Condition notes 

The camera and lens (SMC Pentax A 50mm f1.7) were tested with film and performed perfectly. The sharpness was outstanding! Everything is in very good cosmetic condition as well (see photos). Both English and French manuals are included for the camera.


Specifications (Pentax Super Program)
  • Type: 35mm SLR camera with multi-mode automatic exposure controls, electronically-controlled focal plane shutter, and open-aperture center-weighted Through-The-Lens metering. Six Exposure Control Modes: Programmed AE, Aperture-priority AE, Shutter-priority AE, Metered Manual, TTL Auto Flash, and Programmed Auto Flash mode.
  • Exposure Control Mode Setting: By using combinations of settings on shutter dial and aperture ring of "A" series lenses.
  • Film: 35mm film.
  • Format: 24 x 36 mm
  • Lens Mount: Pentax KA Bayonet (A Pentax K bayonet mount with electrical contact).
  • Shutter: Seiko MFC-E3 vertical-run metal focal-plane shutter, automatic exposure and manual settings electronically-controlled speeds from 15 to 1/2000 sec., 1/1 25 sec., and B. Electro- magnetic shutter release with release button lock.
  • Exposure Indication in Viewfinder: Liquid Cristal Display (LCD) Automatic and manual shutter speeds, automatically set lens apertures, exposure factor warning, shutter-speed setting error warning, battery life warning, and Programmed AE indication (P). LCD window illumination.
  • External Indication: Automatic and manual shutter speeds, Programmed AE indication (P) and shutter cocked indicator.
  • Flash Synchronization: Hot shoe (X-Synch contact, dedicated flash contacts), X-synch at 1/125 sec.
  • Dedicated Automatic Flash Coupling: Automatic setting of 1/125 sec. synch speed with dedicated
  • Self-Timer: Electronically controlled, delay time indication by flashing lamp and electronic buzzer, approx. 12 sec. delay time, possible to cancel at any time; initiate process by pressing shutter release button. *Viewfinder: Silver-coated pentaprism finder with split-image/microprism focusing screen; shows 92% of the picture area, 0.82X magnification with 50mm lens at infinity; -1.1 Diopter eyepiece.
  • Mirror: Back-swing type instant-return mirror.
  • Film loading: Magic-needle loading. Film Transport: Single-stroke, rapid wind lever with 135 throw and 30 standoff angle; LCD shutter cocked indicator; film advance and rewind indicator window.
  • Accepts Winder ME Il, Motor Drive A.
  • Exposure Counter: Additive type, automatic resetting. Automatically sets shutter-speed at 1/1000 sec. up to 'O' frame on the counter when shutter dial is set at AUTO or M.
  • Film Rewind: Crank type.
  • Exposure Metering: Open aperture, Through-The-Lens, center weighted, average area metering system with GPD cell. Film-plane Metering for dedicated automatic electronic flashes. Metering Range: EV 1 (f/l .4 1 sec.) — EV 19 (f/16, 1/2000 sec. or f/22, 1/1000 sec.) with 50mm f/1.4 lens and ASA/ISO 100 film. ASA/ISO Range: 6 — 3200.
  • Exposure Compensation Exposure: Compensation dial indexed at 4X, 2X, 1 X, 1/2X and 1/4X.
  • Depth-of-Field Preview: Via depth-of-field preview lever when aperture set manually.
  • Power Source: Two 1.5V alkaline or silver-oxide batteries, or one 3V lithium battery. Metering Circuit Main Switch: Switched on by shutter release button and remains on for about 30 sec., shut-off by built-in timer. Battery Warning: When batteries grow weak, LCD alternately flashes exposure designations and '000' sign. When batteries exhausted, LCDs go blank and shutter locks.
  • Back Cover: Standard camera back with spring catch, built-in memo holder/grip, fully interchangeable with Dial Data ME and Digital Data M. Size & Weight: 131mm x 86.5mm x 47.5mm, 490g (body only, without batteries) 1 31 mm x 86.5mm x 84.5mm, 725g (with f/ 1.4 lens, without batteries)
Specifications (Pentax Winder ME II)
  • Type: Automatic film winder for Pentax ME SUPER, Pentax ME, Pentax Super Program, and Pentax MV-1. 
  • Power Source: Four manganese or alkaline penlight batteries 1.5V (AA-size); transport a minimum of 20 rolls of 36-exposure film with manganese batteries. 
  • Film Transport Rate: Up to 2 frames-per-second in consecutive mode (C) in synchronization with camera’s Shutter speed, single-frame operation at S setting of mode selector dial. 
  • Shutter Release: Via trigger release button built into winder grip. 
  • Shutter Speed Sync: At all camera operating speeds, including AUTO, M, 125X, except B. 
  • Confirmation: Red LED indicator f asties when film advances and instant shutter releases.
  • Remote Control: Via accessory Remote Connector Cord (optional); remote control terminal on winder grip. 
  • Other Features: Tripoli socket, removable battery cartridge. 
  • Dimensions: 144 x 89 x 69mm 
  • Weight:325 grams, (11.4 ozs) (with batteries)
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