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Pentax Program Plus 35mm film SLR w/ 50mm f2 lens + ever-ready case

Pentax Program Plus 35mm film SLR w/ 50mm f2 lens + ever-ready case

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The Pentax Program Plus is a circa-1984 Pentax K-mount 35mm SLR. It's a very capable camera offering either program mode or aperture priority automatic exposure or full manual exposure. Like other Pentax cameras of its era, it's a very lightweight camera with nice ergonomics. The included lens is a sharp SMC Pentax A 1:2 50mm (which supports program auto exposure when set to the 'A' dial on the aperture ring).

One thing to be aware when first using this camera is that the shutter is set to 1/1000 and the aperture display remains blank until you fire a couple shots to advance to the '1' frame (it can fool you into thinking it's not working correctly, but this is a feature to prevent people from taking spoiled photos on the film leader).

Battery info

This camera requires two 357/SR44 silver oxide batteries (available as an option).

Condition notes

The camera, lens, and flash were tested with film and performed perfectly, it delivered sharp, correctly exposed negatives.  We also verified the camera's shutter speed and autoexposure accuracy.   The camera is in very good cosmetic condition as well (see photos). One slight cosmetic flaw that we can't easily show in photos is presence of some small specks in the viewfinder (doesn't affect photos and in our opinion not objectionable). The included ever-ready case is in good condition except the leatherette paint flaked off the snaps that go around the camera strap.


  • Type: 35mm SLR camera with multi-mode automatic exposure controls, electronically-controller focal plane shutter, and open-aperture center-weighted metering.
  • Exposure Control Modes: Programmed AE, Aperture-priority AE, Metered Manual. and Programmed Auto Flash mode.
  • Exposure Control Mode Setting: By using combinations Of settings on shutter dial and aperture ring of "A" series lenses.
  • Film format: 35mm film. 24 x 36mm.
  • Lens Mount: Pentax KA Bayonet (A Pentax K bayonet mount with electrical contact).
  • Shutter: Seiko MFC-E5 vertical-run metal focal-plane shutter, automatic exposure and manual settings electronically controlled speeds from 15 to 1/1000 sec., 1/100 sec., and B. Electro-magnetic shutter release with release button lock.
  • Exposure Indication in Viewfinder: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for Automatic and manual shutter speeds, automatically set lens apertures, flash-ready sign with dedicated flashes, shutter-speed setting error warning, battery life warning, and Programmed AE indication (P).
  • Flash Synchronization: Hotshoe (X-svnch contact, dedicated flash contacts), X-synch at 1/100 sec.
  • Dedicated Automatic Flash Coupling: Automatic setting Of 1/100 sec. synch speed with dedicated
  • automatic flash units. Slower than 1/100 sec. synch flash photography is possible at Manual mode setting.
  • Self-Timor: Electronically controlled, delay time indication by flashing lamp approx. 12 sec. delay time, possible to cancel at any time: initiate process by pressing shutter release button.
  • Viewfinder: Silver-coated pentaprism finder with split-image/microprism focusing screen; shows 92% of the picture area, 0.82X magnification with 50mm lens at infinity; —1.1 Diopter eyepiece.
  • Mirror: Back-swing type instant-return mirror.
  • Film Loading: Magic-needle loading.
  • Film Transport: Single-stroke. rapid Wind lever With 135 deg. throw and 3 standoff angle; Accepts Winder ME II, Motor Drive A.
  • Exposure Counter: Additive type, automatic resetting. Automatically sets shutter-speed at 1/1000 sec. up to 'O' frame the counterwhen shutter dial is set at AUTO or M.
  • Film Rewind: Crank type.
  • Exposure Metering: Open aperture, center weighted, area metering system with GPD cell.
  • Metering Range: EV 1 (f/1.4 1 sec.) — EV 18 (f/16, 1/1000 sec. or f/22. 1/500 sec.) with f/1.4 lens and ISO 100 film.
  • ISO Range: 6-3200.
  • Exposure Compensation Exposure: Compensation dial indexed at 4X, 2X, 1X, 1/2X, and, 1/4X.
  • Depth-of-Field Preview: Via depth of field preview lever when aperture Set manually.
  • Power Source: TWO 1.5V alkaline or silver-oxide batteries, One 3V lithium battery.
  • Metering Circuit Main Switch: Switched on by shutter release and remains On for about 30 sec.
  • shut-off by built-in timer.
  • Battery Warning: When batteries grow weak. LCD alternately flashes exposure designations and '000'sign. When batteries exhausted LCDS go blank and shutter locks.
  • Cover: Standard camera back with spring catch, built-in memo holder/grip, fully interchangeable with Dial Data ME and Digital Data M
  • Size & Weight: 1 31 mm x 87mm x 47.5mm, 490g (body only, without batteries)
  • 131 mm x 87mm x 84.5mm. 725g (With f/1.4 lens, without batteries)
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