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Pentax PC-500 compact 35mm camera (serial 7663962)

Pentax PC-500 compact 35mm camera (serial 7663962)

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The Pentax PC-500 is a lightweight and very simple autofocus film camera with a 35mm f/4.5 lens (3 elements in 3 groups). It requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included). 

Condition notes
All functions of the camera were tested with a battery installed and film running. The film was not developed. The camera is in overall good cosmetic condition (see photos). There is some minor tarnish on battery contact but it didn't affect performance in our testing. 


Example photos
We weren't able to locate any example photos but here are some pictures taken with the PC-303 which is a very similar camera the same era (it features a lens with the same specifications):


    • Type: 35 mm fully automatic lens-shutter camera
    • Film: 35 mm DX-coded film with ISO rating from 100 to 400. The camera film speed is automatically set to ISO 100 when non-DX film is used.
    • Picture format: 24 mm × 36 mm
    • Film loading: Auto film loading. Closing the back cover and pressing the shutter release button will automalically wind film to first exposure.
    • Film movement: Auto winding: auto rewinding starts at end of roll. (Rewind speed: approximately 22 sec for 24-exposure film.) Film can also be rewound in mid roll.
    • Frame number: Automatic readout of successive frame numbers in ascending when rewinding.
    • Lens: Pentax 35mm, f4.5, 3 elements in 3 groups
    • Focusing system: Infrared active autofocusing with focus-lock; Range: approx. 1.2 m (3.9 ft.) to infinity
    • Shutter: Programmed AE electronic shutter.
    • Sell-timer: Electronic lamp indication. Approx. 10-sec delay
    • Viewfinder: Albada type bright frame finder
    • Exposure: Programmed auto-exposure; Range: EV 10 - 15 (ISO 100)
    • Flash: Built-in flash with automatic low-luminance firing.
    • Charging time: Approx. 6 sec according to Pentax lesting conditions.
    • Power source: Two 1.5V "AA" alkaline or manganese batteries. (Ni-Cd batteries not usable.)
    • Size and weight: 120 (W) x 70 (H) ×50 (D)mm: approx. 185 g
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