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Pentax PC-303 compact 35mm camera *flash not working; otherwise OK* (serial 8251393)

Pentax PC-303 compact 35mm camera *flash not working; otherwise OK* (serial 8251393)

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The flash isn't working on this camera but it's in otherwise good condition. This would be a good budget fixed lens auto-focus point-and-shoot for someone who mostly uses their camera outdoors or in well lit situations, and prefers not to use (sometimes unflattering) flash.

The Pentax PC-303 is a lightweight and simple autofocus 35mm film camera with a 35mm f/4.5 lens (3 elements in 3 groups). It requires 2 AA batteries (not included). 

Condition notes
All functions of the camera were tested with a battery installed and film running. Apart from the flash, everything is working well. The film was not developed. The camera is in very good aesthetic condition (see photos). 


Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera (the outdoor photos give a good idea of the camera's performance without the use of flash):


  • Type: 35mm auto-focus leaf-shutter camera with built-in flash.
  • Film: 35mm perforated cartridge film. 24mm X 36mm format.
  • Film Speed Setting: Manual film speed setting at ISO 100, 200 and 400.
  • Film Winding/Rewinding: Automatic film winding and rewinding.
  • Lens: Pentax 35mm f/4.5. 3 elements in 3 groups.
  • Focusing System: Active infrared automatic focusing with focus-lock device. Focusing range: 1 2m (3.9ft.) to infinity.
  • Shutter: Behind-the-lens shutter with fixed shutter speed at 1/125 sec.
  • Flash: Built-in type with guide number 10 (ISO 100/m). Recycling time: approx. 6 seconds with fresh alkaline batteries.
  • Power Source: Two 1.5V "AA" alkaline or manganese batteries. (Ni-Cd batteries not usable.)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 40 rolls of 36-exposure film without flash; approx. 8 rolls of 36-exposure film with flash.
  • Dimensions: 117.5 (W) X 67 (H) X 47.5 (D) mm (4.6" X 2.6" X 1.9’).
  • Weight: 185g (6.5 oz.) without batteries.
  • Special note: Use the film for color or black-and-white prints. Color slide film is not recommended.
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