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Pentax P30N 35mm film SLR (serial 4445682)

Pentax P30N 35mm film SLR (serial 4445682)

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The Pentax P30n (called the P3n in other countries) is an advanced, yet simple to use 35mm film SLR camera featuring three exposure modes: program (fully automatic except for focus); aperture priority; and metered manual. It takes popular K-mount lenses (used with the Pentax K-1000 and many other models). A sharp SMC Pentax-A 1:2 50mm lens is included.

We found this camera a pleasure to use with its versatility and thoughtful design. The only real downside is that doesn't allow the film speed to be set manually so it's maybe not the best choice for people who roll their own film or need to push or pull process. 

This camera requires two 357/SR44 silver oxide batteries (available as an option) or two LR44 alkaline batteries. 

Condition notes
The camera and lens (SMC Pentax A 1:2 50mm) were tested with a shutter analyzer and calibrated light source: all shutter speeds are working with very good accuracy and the camera's lightmeter/auto exposure is very accurate too. The camera's cosmetic condition is very good (photos).



  • Type: Through-the-lens, programmed-AE 35mm SR camera.
  • Film: 35mm film, 24 x 36mm. Automatic film speed setting from ISO 25 to 1600 (in 1/3 steps) with DX-coded film.
  • Lens Mount: Pentax KA bayonet mount.
  • Exposure Modes: Programmed A, Metered Manual and Programmed Auto Flash
  • Shutter: Seiko MFC E7 vertical-run focal plane shutter.
  • Electromagnetic shutter release. Electronically controlled stepless automatic speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec., manually-set shutter speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec. (11 steps) and “B”
  • Viewfinder: Silver-coated pentaprism finder with split-image/microprism/matte focusing screen (Clear-Bright-Matte). Shows 92% of picture area at 0.82X magnification with 50mm lens at infinity. -1 diopter eyepiece.
  • Exposure Indication in Viewfinder: LED indicators for “lightning bolt " (flash ready), "P" (Programmed AE mode), "M' (Metered Manual mode), and 11 shutter speeds (green LED for "1000"' to "60"; orange for "30' to "1"). Warnings for exposure setting outside aperture/shutter-speed coupling range ("1000" or "1" LED blinks at 4Hz.)
  • Flash Synchronization: Hot shoe (X-Sync contact, dedicated flash contacts), X-Sync at 1/100 sec.
  • Self-Timer: Electronically-controlled 12-second delay timer. Delay time indicated by blinking LED. Possible to cancel at any time. Timer activated with shutter release button.
  • Mirror: Back-swing type instant-return mirror.
  • Film Loading: Easy loading type.
  • Film Transport: Single-stroke rapid wind lever with 130° throw and 35° stand-off angle.
  • Film Counter: Additive type with automatic resetting.
  • Film Rewind: Crank type.
  • Exposure Metering: Open-aperture, TTL center-weighted, average area metering system with GPD cell.
  • Metering Range: EV 1 (f/1.4. 1 sec.) - EV 18 (f/16. 1/1000 sec.) with 50mm f/1.4 lens and ISO 100 film.
  • Exposure Memory Lock: With the exposure memory lock button.
  • Battery Warning: When batteries grow weak, LED flashes. When batteries exhausted, LEDs go blank and shutter locks.
  • Power Source: Two 1.5-volt silver-oxide or alkaline mini-batteries.
  • Size & Weight: 137(W) x 87.5(H) x 50.5(D)mm (5.3" x 3.4' x 2.0'), 510g (17.9 oz.) without batteries.
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