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Pentax MZ-7 35mm SLR w/ SMC Pentax-FA 28-80mm lens

Pentax MZ-7 35mm SLR w/ SMC Pentax-FA 28-80mm lens

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Original released in 1999, the Pentax MZ-7 was designed to be a full-featured autofocus 35mm SLR with point-and-shoot simplicity in its automatic mode. It's an excellent choice for a beginner in film photography who wants a camera that won't hold them back as their skills improve. 

For the absolute beginner this camera offers something called the 'Auto Pict' mode where the camera operates as a pure point-and-shoot, taking care of all the decisions for you. In addition there are dedicated automatic modes for: portrait; landscape; close-up/macro; night scenes and action.

When you need more creative control, the camera also offers conventional aperture-priority and shutter-priority auto-exposure modes as well as a full manual mode. Unlike many other cameras of its era, the MZ-7 lets you override the DX code and manually set the film ISO (handy for rating expired film as lower ISOs or if you bulk load your own film cassettes). 

The included SMC Pentax-FA 28-80mm f2.5 is a very versatile and lightweight zoom.   

This camera requires two CR2 batteries (available as an option).

Condition notes
The camera and lens are in very good cosmetic condition (see photos)We tested the camera and all its modes with batteries and film installed (we did not process the film) and everything is working correctly. We also verified all shutter speeds show excellent accuracy and travel symmetry. Our testing found the camera's auto exposure accuracy is excellent as well. The included lens is in very good condition as well.


See last four pages of the manual.

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