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Pentax AF240Z flash

Pentax AF240Z flash

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Note: the little plastic shoe stand shown in some of the pictures is not included.

The Pentax AF240Z is a powerful flash from the mid-to-late 1980s. It features a tilting head that can telescope for more efficient power use with telephoto and zoom lens. It has a guide number of 20 meters (at 35 mm) 28 meters (at 135 mm). It features manual (full power), auto, and program modes.

While this flash is compatible with all 35mm SLRs that have hot shoes its program feature is designed to work with the following cameras:

  • Pentax super A / super PROGRAM (1983–1987)
  • Pentax program A / program PLUS (1984–1988)
  • Pentax A3/A3000 (1985–1987)
  • Pentax P3/P30 (1985–1988)
  • Pentax P3n/P30n (1988–1990)
  • Pentax P30t (1990–1997)

Four AA batteries are required (not included). Unlike many cheaper flashes, this flash allows the use of rechargeable batteries for faster cycling times. 

Condition notes
This flash was tested with film on a Pentax Super Program camera and is working perfectly. The original case is included as is a wide-angle panel (which provides coverage to 28mm). 


See the last page of the instruction manual.

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