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Paterson and Ilford Film Processing Starter Kit (PTP574)

Paterson and Ilford Film Processing Starter Kit (PTP574)

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Paterson and Ilford, two of the most renowned names in analog photography, teamed up to produce this wonderful starter kit for film processing. Though primarily focused on getting you started in black-and-white film development, much of this kit will prove useful should you ever wish to try C-41, E-6, or ECN-2 color processing in the future.

Here's the manufacturer's description:

This co-branded Ilford and Paterson starter kit contains everything* needed to process your first rolls of film. From a developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent to the perfect sized developing tank and measuring cylinders for processing two rolls of 35mm film at a time (or one 120 roll).

The technique to process your own film is simple and rewarding and made even easier thanks to ILFORD Simplicity chemicals which are pre-measured for speed and ease of use. While these chemicals can easily be used in most developing tanks the measurements were based on the Paterson 2-reel Universal Film Development Tank contained in this kit making it the ideal pairing.

The kit contains:

1 x Ilford Simplicity Chemistry Kit
1 x Ilford 35mm Cassette Opener
1 x Paterson 2 35mm reel tank with 2 reels
1 x Paterson thermometer
1 x Paterson Chemical Stirrer
3 x 600ml Paterson graduates
2 x sets of Paterson film drying clips
*A darkroom, light tight space, or dark changing bag will be needed to load the film into tank.



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