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Olympus Trip 35 35mm camera (serial 1613265)

Olympus Trip 35 35mm camera (serial 1613265)

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This is another excellent, working Olympus Trip 35 camera. It was recently serviced so its shutter, exposure and focus accuracy are very good. We tested the camera with film and it delivered excellent results.

Note: the example photo of the clapperboard (giving the camera serial number and film type/developer used) shows an apparent light leak because we accidentally shot this on the leader (beginning of the roll, which is of course exposed to light during loading). This camera has fresh light seals and no light leaks. 

The Trip 35 is a classic design and one of the best selling cameras of the film era with a nearly unheard-of 17-year production run. It features: zone focusing; battery-free (!) auto exposure; a manual mode for aperture priority and flash shooting; and a superb 40mm f2.8 Zuiko lens.

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:

Vintage TV ad
The Trip 35 was endorsed by David Bailey, here's one of the ads he did for Olympus:

Condition notes
This Trip 35 is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos) and is working perfectly. As mentioned, it was film tested. In addition, we serviced the aperture mechanism and calibrated the zone focusing using an autocollimator. 



  • Film size: 24x36mm
  • Lens: D Zuiko F2.8, f = 40mm (4 elements in 3 groups)
  • Shutter: Programme system Automatic 1/40 sec. or 1/200 sec. Manual 1/40 sec. X syncro. contact Self shutter release button locking system for under exposure
  • Lens opening:
  • *Automatic: Diaphragm automatically moves from F2.8 to F22
  • *Manual: For flash photography from F2.8 to F22
  • Viewfinder: Luminous bright frame finder (Magnification 0.55) with parallax correction mark and zone focus marks Film loading: EL (Easy Loading) system Film winding: Thum winding at camera rear Self-cocking to prevent double advances and double exposures
  • Film counter: Exposed counting, self-resetting type Film rewinding: Crank type with rewinding button setting system
  • Focusing: Zone focusing system (4 position setting) with distance scale in meter and foot
  • Exposure meter: Automatic exposure adjustment by built-in electric eye meter Light measuring range EV 8.32 ~ EV 17.14 (ASA 100)
  • Film speed setting: ASA 25-400
  • Filter size: 43.5mm (screw-in)
  • Rear cover operation: Hinge type
  • Accessory shoe: Cordless flash contact
  • Size & weight: 116 (width)x70 (height)x57 (depth) mm, 410 gr.

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