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Olympus Superzoom AZ300 35mm camera

Olympus Superzoom AZ300 35mm camera

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First released in 1988, the Olympus SuperZoom AZ-300 is one of the original 'bridge cameras' combining point-and-shoot ease of use with the lens quality and many of the advanced features typically found in SLRs.

Here's what Olympus said about it when it was new:

"In creating the Infinity SuperZoom 300, Olympus set out to develop a multiple function, compact camera that would not only be fun to use but gives the photographer the ability to handle almost any problem quickly and easily. It provides the type of photographic creativity and versatility previously available only with much larger, more expensive and more complicated cameras."

If you choose '+batteries', two CR123A lithium batteries will be installed. If you pick '+ batteries & film', a 24 exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film will also be included.

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film roll installed (the film was not developed) and all functions are working perfectly. Its aesthetic condition is also good (see photos).

Example photos
To give you an idea of the camera's optics, here are some photos taken by other people using this model of camera:


See the last two pages of the manual.

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