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Olympus IS-20 QD 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 28-110 lens (serial 1360187)

Olympus IS-20 QD 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 28-110 lens (serial 1360187)

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The Olympus IS-20 QD (called the IS-200 in some countries) is one of the later models in the company's series of non-interchangeable lens SLR film cameras (often called 'bridge cameras' but dubbed ZLR or 'zoom lens reflex' in Olympus literature).

It's an excellent camera with a top-notch lens and a powerful built-in flash. The IS-300 offers aperture priority, full auto-exposure; as well as portrait, night scene, stop action, and landscape program exposure modes. It also has a dedicated exposure compensation dial with a two stop over/under range. The IS-300's autofocus performance is excellent: it's sensitive to work in EV1 at IS0 100 (dim nighttime light). 

The IS-20 (like many bridge cameras) has a 'grandpa-core' aesthetic that might not be for everyone but it's a capable, versatile camera.

The camera requires two CR123A lithium batteries (optional). 

Condition notes
The camera is in very good aesthetic condition except for a small dent on the filter thread (see photos). The camera was tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed however) and all functions are working correctly. We also verified the lens sharpness and focus accuracy on an autocollimator.

Example photos
Here are some photos other people have taken with the IS-20/IS-200:


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