Olympus Infinity Hi-Lite 35mm camera

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The Olympus Infinity Hi-Lite (aka AF-10 Mini) is a very compact 35mm point-and-shoot camera from the mid-90s. The camera was assembled in China from Japanese-made parts and features a sharp fixed 35mm f4.5 lens. The original Olympus case is included. The camera requires two AA batteries (not included). _options If you choose '+ film' you'll receive a 24 exposure roll of FujiColor 200 film along with the camera. _condition notes The camera was tested with batteries installed and a film roll running through the camera (the film was not developed). All functions are working correctly. The camera is in good cosmetic condition (see photos). _example photos Here are some photos taken by other people with this model of camera: https://www.lomography.com/cameras/3333497-olympus-af-10-mini/photos _manual We unfortunately could not locate a manual or specs sheet for this camera. Luckily it's extremely easy to use _______________________ Important note on shipping: To conform with Etsy's new policy, our prices now include the cost of tracked shipping from Montreal to California. If you are nearer and the actual shipping cost is less (often the case with heavy items), you will be refunded the difference. Also, if you buy multiple items, we combine shipping and refund overages. Finally, if you're in Montreal, local pickup is available by appointment (we refund the whole shipping charge). DM if you have any questions!