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Olympus Infinity 35mm film camera (serial 1297499)

Olympus Infinity 35mm film camera (serial 1297499)

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The Olympus Infinity (sold as the AF-1 in most countries outside the USA) is very underrated and high-quality mid-80s point-and-shoot 35mm camera. It’s the missing link between the earlier XA series cameras and the Stylus/Mju series. The 35mm Zuiko prime lens is as sharp as you’d expect. In my testing, the auto focus performed very well. The focus lock feature is counter-intuitive but works very well (you hold down the focus lock and shutter buttons, release the focus lock to shoot or let go of the shutter if you decide to not take a picture).

Battery info

This camera requires a CRP2 lithium battery (available as an option).

Condition notes

We film-tested this camera and it delivered sharp, correctly exposed photos. The camera is in good cosmetic condition with some wear on its body from use (see photos).

Example photos

Here are some photos other people have taken with the Infinity/AF-1:


  • Camera type: Full automatic 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera.
  • Film format: 35mm standard DX coded film (24 x 36mm).
  • Lens: Zuiko 35mm F2.8, 4 elements in 4 groups.
  • Shutter: Electronic programmed shutter.
  • Viewfinder: Bright frame finder, 0.45X (with autofocus frame, flash activation indicator lamp and battery check lamp).
  • Focusing: Active infrared autofocus system; focus lock possible.
  • Focusing range; 0.75m (2.5ft.)- ∞ (infinity)
  • Exposure control: Programmed automatic exposure control. Automatic exposure range, EV8 (F2.8, 1/30 sec.) to EV17 (F13.5, 1/750 sec.) with ISO 100.
  • Film speed range: Automatic film speed setting with DX film ISO
  • 50-3200.
  • Film loading: Automatic loading; automatically advances to first frame
  • when camera back is closed.
  • Film advance: Automatic film winding.
  • Film rewind: Automatic film rewind; automatic rewind actuation at the end of film; automatic rewind stop. Rewinding the film in the middle of a roll is possible by pressing the rewind switch.
  • Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset.
  • Self-timer: Electronic self-timer with 12-second delay. (Self-timer starts by pressing self-timer button and shutter release. Red LED turns on.)
  • Flash: Built-in flash type. Automatic flash activation in low light and
  • backlight. Recycling time approx 1 sec. (DL223A normal temperature) approx 1.5 sec. (BRP2 normal temperature). Flash working range with color negative film: ISO 100 0.75-4.5m, ISO 400 0.75-9m
  • Battery check: LED.
  • Lens barrier: Opening and closing of front barrier (shutter locks with barrier
  • closed)
  • Weatherproof: IC Standard publication 529; Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures. Degrees of protection indicated by the second characteristic numeral 4; • Short description; Protected against splashing water • Definition; Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect • Test for second numeral 4; The equipment is sprayed from all practical directions. The water pressure is adjusted to give a delivery rate of 10 lit./min. The test duration shall be 1 min. per meter square of calculated surface area of the enclosure with a minimum duration of 5 min.
  • Power source: 6V lithium battery (Duracell DL223A or Panasonic BRP2) × 1
  • Dimensions: 124 (W) × 62.5 (H) × 45 (D) mm (4.9" × 2.5 " × 1.8").
  • Weight: 225 grams (7.9 oz.) without battery.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.
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