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Nishika N8000 3D 35mm camera w/ Achiever 828TW twin flash

Nishika N8000 3D 35mm camera w/ Achiever 828TW twin flash

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This is the legendary N8000 3D 35mm camera—originally for taking lenticular 3D images; now more popularly used for creating amazing animated 3D gif images. Also included is an Achiever 828TW twin flash (similar to the Nishika Twin Flash) which allows simultaneous bounce and direct flash which is very usual for indoor shots. 

The N8000 camera requires two AA batteries for its light meter (not included). The Twin Flash requires four AA batteries (also not included).

This artist made a really nice tutorial on how to create animated gifs with the Nishika N8000 which applies equally to the N9000: (If you check his YouTube channel, he also has an excellent photographic darkroom tutorial for beginners).

Condition notes
We film tested this camera and it delivered sharp negatives and we were able to create 'wigglegram' gif files.  The camera is good condition with just some minor wear to its body (see photos). The included flash is in good condition.

Example wigglegrams
There are numerous animated gifs shared with this hashtag:

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