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Nikon Tele Touch (L35TWAF) 35mm camera

Nikon Tele Touch (L35TWAF) 35mm camera

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The Nikon Tele Touch (sold as the L35TWAF in some countries) is a classic twin lens 35mm point-and-shoot featuring 38mm and 65mm focal lengths. Twin lens cameras were popular in the mid-to-late 1980s before quality miniatured zoom lenses were available.

In its 38mm mode (4 lens elements in 3 groups), this camera delivers image quality comparable to the Nikon One Touch series cameras (though the Tele Touch's stepless autofocus is more accurate in many case). In its 65mm (slight telephoto) mode, the camera delivers quality better than most comparable zoom point-and-shoots. 

We found the Nikon Tele Touch to be a superb camera when testing and we were very happy with the test photos. Our only slight cautions are: 1) be mindful that at 65mm the camera is more prone to blur from unsteady handling and 2) the switchover from 38mm to 65mm (and vice versa) is motorized so it takes a couple seconds. 

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included).

Condition notes
The camera and lens are in excellent functional condition and very good aesthetic condition (see photos). We tested the camera with film. In our testing, the camera produced very sharp images with excellent contrast and accurate auto-focus. We replaced the internal CR2025 lithium battery (used for memory) so it should be good for at least five years.



Type of Camera

35 mm compact wideangle. macro/telephoto switchable camera with autofocus, auto


exposure, auto flash pop up, auto flash control, auto shutter lock, auto film loading, auto film speed setting, auto film advance, auto film rewind and auto film rewind stop

Picture Format

24 mm x 36mm

ON/OFF Switch

Switching "ON" readies camera to shoot and automatically opens lens cover


Wide and Macro/Tele lens function selected by sliding W/T switch to W or T; operated by motor

Wide: Nikon lens 38mm f/3.5 4 elements in 3 groups

Tele: Nikon lens 65mm f/5.6 8 elements in 6 groups

Lens Cover

Automatically opens when power is switched "ON", closes automatically when power is switched "OFF"

Shooting Distance

W: 0.4m (approx. 1.3ft)—infinity

T : 1.3m (approx. 4.3ft)—infinity

Warning Sound

Alerts you in case of:

Too close to subject—less than 0.4 m (approx. 1.3ft) on "W," less than 1.3 m (approx. 4.3 ft) on “T”

Film rewind completed

Film improperly installed

Lens blocked while being extended to the "TELE" setting


Film counter, battery check, self timer set. film advance, film rewind, film loaded indicator, film speed (ISO), auto flash reach distance (m/ft)


Only DX-coded 35mm film from ISO 64 to ISO 1600, and non-DX-coded ISO 100 film

Film Speed Setting

Automatically set to ISO 64. 100. 200. 400. 1000 or 1600 (All non-DX-coded films are automatically set to ISO 100)

Film Loading

Film is automatically advanced to first frame when camera back is closed

Film Advance

Automatic, at 1 frame per second


Programmed electronic shutter: also serves as diaphragm blades


Albada-type bright-frame viewfinder; 0.45x (at W) or 0.72x (at T) magnification automatically selected and set by motor Approx. 83% frame coverage (at infinity); -1 dioptry

Viewfinder Information

Picture frame marks, parallax compensation frame marks, parallax compensation screen, auto focus frame marks, focus symbols and focus distance indicator needle

Focusing System

Stepless infrared active autofocus system (0.4m (approx. 1.3ft)—infinity on "W'7 1.3m (approx. 4.3ft)—infinity on "T"); locks focus when shutter release button is lightly depressed

Exposure Metering

Programmed auto exposure control EV 6—EV 17 on "W"

EV 7 4—EV 18.4 on "T" (ISO 100)

Film Rewind

Automatic at the end of film roll; film rewind stop also automatic; film rewind before end of roll also available by pushing rewind button


Electronic self-timer activated by selling switch and depressing shutter release button, with 4Hz bleep for the first 7 seconds and 8Hz bleep for the last 3 seconds: cancellable before/after depressing the shutter release button by sliding the self­timer switch down again

Built-In Flash

Automatically pops up when shutter release button is lightly pressed if there s insufficient light; guide number 10

Ready-light on the back of camera is on when the flash is charged Recycling time: approx. 6 seconds shutter release locks until flash is fully charged       (Uni|. m/ft)


Automatic Flash Shooting Range

Film Speed (ISO)

Automatic Flash Shooting Range




1 3-2m /4.3 —7ft

0 4-4m /1.3-12ft


1.3-3m /4 3-9ft

0.4-5m /1.3-16ft


1.3-4.5m / 4.3-15ft

0.4 -7m /1.3-23ft


1.3-6m / 4.3-18ft



1.3-10m / 4.3-33ft

0.4-15m/1.3-50 ft


1.3-12m /4.3-40ft

0.4-20m /1.3-66 ft

Power Source

Battery Life

Chart above shows the flash shooting range for negative color film. For reversal film, the flash reach distance is shortened by about one third

Film may be overexposed if you take pictures within 1m (approx 3.3 feet) from the subject using reversal films with a film speed 400 or more.

Two AA-type Alkaline-Manganese batteries and CR2025 (Lithium) battery for LCD Memory

80 rolls of 24-exposure film; 8 rolls if every shot is taken with flash

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