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Nikon Nikkormat FT2 35mm SLR film camera w/ RMC Tokina II 28mm f2.8 lens

Nikon Nikkormat FT2 35mm SLR film camera w/ RMC Tokina II 28mm f2.8 lens

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Includes RMC Tokina II 28mm f2.8 lens.

Introduced in the mid-1970s, the Nikkormat FT2 is the refined follow-up to the Nikkormat FTN. Compared to its older sibling, it has the advantage of using a modern long-lasting 357 silver oxide battery for its light meter (available as an option). And like all the mechanical Nikkormats, this camera combines tank-like build quality with a generous array of advanced features (eg depth of field preview; mirror lockup, auxiliary light meter readout on top of camera). 

Professionals frequently used the Nikkormat cameras because of their reliability and faster flash sync speed compared to the contemporary professional standard F2.

Battery info

This camera requires a 357/SR44 silver oxide battery (available as an option).

Condition notes 

We film-tested this camera and it delivered excellent results. In addition, we verified the shutter speed accuracy with a shutter tester. The only noteworthy flaw is a small black speck in the viewfinder. It's in good cosmetic condition (see photos). The included Tokina 28mm lens is in very good condition as well. 


  • Type: 35mm single-lens reflex camera
  • Picture format: 24mm x 36mm (35mm format)
  • Lens mount: Nikon F bayonet mount
  • Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4 or 55mm f/1.2 as standard. More than 45 Nikkor interchangeable lenses are available.
  • Shutter: Metal focal-plane shutter with vertical (downward) movement; speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec., plus B.
  • Synchronization: Automatic MX switchover with shutter speed setting. Hot-shoe contact with safety switch and threaded synch terminal. ,
  • Range of synch: M, FP - 1/1000 ~ 1/250 sec., 1/30 ~ 1 sec. and B
  • MF — 1/30 ~ 1 sec. and B
  • X — 1/125 ~ 1 sec. and B
  • Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism; focusing screen consists of matte Fresnel field with central microprism/split-image rangefinder (K-type).
  • Reflex mirror: Instant return mirror; independent mirror lock-up control.
  • Exposure meter: Through-the-lens CdS meter, center-weighted at full aperture. Powered by a single 1.5V silver-oxide battery.
  • Needle visible in finder and atop the body; plus and minus markings provided. Couples with both diaphragm and shutter speed dial. Metering range: EV3 ~EV17 (e.g., f/1.4, 1/4 sec. ~ f/11, 1/1000 sec. at ASA 100 with 50mm f/1.4 lens); ASA '' range 12 ~ 1600; maximum aperture range f/1.2 ~f/5.6; 'i' ' aperture coupling range f/1.2 ~f/32. I
  • Film-advance lever: Single-stroke winding lever with 20° stand-off angle and 135° winding angle. Lever also serves as meter on-off switch.
  • Frame counter: Additive type with automatic reset to “S”; two frames before “0”.
  • Rewinding: Crank type.
  • Depth-of-field preview: Preview button provided.
  • Weight: 780g (without lens)
  • Dimensions: 148mm x 96mm x 54mm
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