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Nikon F50 35mm film SLR

Nikon F50 35mm film SLR

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Includes AF Nikkor 35-80 lens // Serial number 2612371.

This Nikon F50 (serial number 2612371) is an advanced autofocus 35mm SLR from the mid 1990s. This camera (which was sold as the Nikon N50 in some countries) is an excellent first camera for a beginner as it offers 'simple' (where the camera basically works like a deluxe point-and-shoot) and 'advanced' modes.

The advanced setting offers aperture priority, shutter priority, and program auto exposure as well as full manual controls. The included lens is the versatile AF Nikkor 35-80 f4-5.6D. This lens can also be used on modern Nikon digital SLRs.

If you choose '+ battery', a Polaroid 2CR5 3V lithium batteries will be installed. If you pick '+ battery & film', a 24 exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film well also be included.

Condition notes
Both the camera and included lens are in very good functional and aesthetic condition. All modes of the camera were tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed) and everything works correctly.


See pages 55-58 of the manual.

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