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Nikon F401X 35mm film SLR

Nikon F401X 35mm film SLR

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Includes AF Nikkor 35-70mm lens.

This Nikon F401X is an advanced but easy-to-use 35mm film SLR offering autofocus, auto-exposure (program, aperture-priority, or shutter-priority), Nikon's famed matrix metering, and a built-in flash with TTL exposure. The included lens is the versatile AF Nikkor 35-70mm f3.3-4.5. This lens can also be used on modern Nikon digital SLRs. The camera uses 4 ordinary AA batteries for power (not included).

Condition notes
Both the camera and included lens are in very good functional and aesthetic condition. All modes of the camera were tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed) and everything works correctly.



  • Type of camera: Integral-motor autofocus 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) with built-in TTL flash
  • Picture format: 24 x 36mm [standard 35mm (135) film format)
  • Lens mount: Nikon bayonet mount
  • Lenses: AF Nikkor lenses (except AF-Nikkor 80mm f/2.8, ED 200mm f/3.5 IF, and autofocus converter TC-16/TC-16A), and non-AF Nikkor lenses (with limitation*) available
  • Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism type; 0.8x magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; 92% frame coverage with Eyepiece cover: Model DK-5 prevents stray light from entering viewfinder
  • Autofocus actuation method: Single servo
  • Focus modes: Autofocus, and manual focus with focusing confirmation
  • Autofocus modes: Single-Servo AF and Continuous-Servo AF Continuous-Servo is possible in ADVANCED mode only
  • Autofocus detection system: TTL phase detection system using Nikon Advanced AM200 sensor module
  • Autofocus detection range: Approx. EV -1 to 19 (at ISO 100)
  • Auto Exposure lock: Available via pressing the AE-L button while the meter is on (Centre-Weighted Metering selected when the AEL button is pressed)
  • Focusing Screen: Nikon BriteView screen with central focus brackets for autofocus operation
  • Focus tracking: Automatically activated with a moving subject: works as long as subject moves towards or away from the camera at a constant speed
  • Focus Confirmation: Available in manual focus mode with an AF Nikkor, mountable Nikkor and Series E lens with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster
  • Exposure Modes: Programmed auto, Shutter-Priority auto, Aperture-Priority auto and Manual exposure modes
  • Programmed Auto exposure control: Nikon Auto Multi-Program; both shutter speed and aperture are set automatically
  • Shutter-Priority Auto exposure control: Aperture automatically selected to match manually set shutter speed Aperture-Priority
  • Auto exposure control: Shutter speed automatically selected to match manually set aperture.
  • Manual exposure control: Both aperture and shutter speed are set manually
  • Auto exposure lock: Available by pressing the AE-L button while the exposure meter is on
  • Viewfinder information: Green focus indicator LED for focusing, red extire indicator LED shows over- and underexposure warning, and correct exposure; red flash ready-light for flash photography
  • Metering range: EV 0 to EV 19 at ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens
  • Exposure Metering: Matrix Metering (for ensuring correct automatic operation in Programmed, Shutter-Priority and Aperture-Priority auto exposure modes); Centre-Weighted Metering (for Manual exposure mode or when using the AE-L button in auto exposure mode); metering activated by lightly pressing shutter release button: stays on for approx. 8 sec. after lifting finger from button Film speed range and setting: ISO 25 to 5000 for DX-coded film. Automatically set by DX-coded film (ISO 100 is automatically set for all non-DX-coded films)
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
  • Shutter speeds: 1/2000 to 30 sec. on Programmed and Aperture-Priority auto exposure modes; 1/2000 to 1 sec. on Shutter-Priority auto and Manual exposure modes: T setting for long time exposure provided
  • Shutter Release: Electromagnetic
  • Automatic film advance: Film automatically advances to frame one when shutter release button is depressed once; film advance indicator rotates to show that film is loaded and being advanced properly. Film automatically advances one frame at approx. 0.4 sec. when shutter is released; film advance stops automatically at end of film roll.
  • Frame counter: Accumulative type; automatically reset when camera back is opened
  • Film rewind: Automatically rewound by built-in motor
  • Self timer: Electronically controlled; approx.10 sec. exposure delay; blinking LED indicates self-timer operation; two-shot self-timer is possible; cancellable
  • Reflex mirror: Automatic, instant-return type
  • Camera back: film cartridge confirmation window and film advance indicator
  • Accessory shoe: Standard ISO-type with hot-shoe contact, ready-light contact, TTL flash contact, monitor contact
  • Built-in TTL flash: Guide number: 12 (Metres, at ISO 100 and 20°C); Angle of coverage: 28mm lens or longer lens with some limitations.
  • Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash: Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash is possible in auto exposure modes; Centre-Weighted Fill-Flash is possible in Manual exposure mode
  • Flash synchronization: In Programmed auto or Aperture-Priority auto, shutter operates 1/125 to 1/60 sec. (or 1/[focal length] sec. with lens focal length less than 60mm); in Shutter-Priority auto or Manual exposure mode, automatically set to 1/125 sec. when shutter is manually set at 1/125 sec. or faster; if shutter is manually set at 1/125 sec. or slower, shutter fires as set
  • Flash ready-light: Flash ready-light blinks when flash is recommended (scene darker than EV 10 at ISO 100, or a scene with brightness of EV 10 or higher at ISO 100 where the centre portion is darker than other areas by more than EV 2) and lights up when built-in TTL flash or accessory Nikon Speedlight is ready to fire.
  • Autofocus flash photography: Possible only with Nikon Autofocus Speedlight SB-24, SB-23, SB-22 or SB-20 or any other dedicated flash units
  • Batteries: Four AA-type batteries
  • Body finish: Silver and Black available
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): F-401x: 154 X 102 X 65mm F-401x Quartz Date: 154 X 102 X 67mm
  • Weight (body only): F-401x: Approx. 647g F-401x Quartz Date: 654g
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