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Nikkormat FT3 35mm film SLR + Nikon 50mm f2 lens

Nikkormat FT3 35mm film SLR + Nikon 50mm f2 lens

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The FT3 is the last and best of the Nikon Nikkormat FT series of rugged mechanical 35mm SLRs. It's an outstanding camera with a very accurate and reliable Copal square shutter and an excellent light meter powered by a long-lasting and easy-to-find 357 silver oxide battery. This is fully mechanical camera that will keep working even if your battery dies (except for the light meter of course). The included Nikkor 50mm 1:2 lens is in very good condition.

The Nikkormat FT3 is one of our all-time favorite SLRs. The only minor gripe we can think of is the film speed changing is a bit awkward and unintuitive (you have to press a little 'ASA lock' button on the front before turning the film speed ring). Otherwise, it is (in our opinion) a nearly perfect mechanical SLR and wonderful example of Japanese industrial design.

Condition notes
The camera is perfect working order and in good anesthetic condition (see photos). The only noteworthy flaws are some wear on the body and a small crack in the top light meter window (it doesn't obscure the view). The light meter is working perfectly. All shutter speeds are very accurate (please note that all Nikkormat F cameras have an actual 1/100 shutter speed for the nominal 1/125 setting, it's a quirk of the series; it meters accurately for this and all speeds). The included Nikon 50mm 1:2 lens is in very good condition. The camera and lens were tested with film and performed perfectly.


See page 31 of manual.

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