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Minolta XL-400 Super 8 movie camera w/ original box and manual

Minolta XL-400 Super 8 movie camera w/ original box and manual

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The Minolta XL-400 is a superbly designed and very compact Super 8 movie camera from the mid-1970s. It features a sharp and fast Rokkor 8.5-43mm f1.2 lens with macro capability and very easy and precise focusing through its split-image spot SLR-type viewfinder. 

The XL-400's light-meter is requires no special batteries: the entire camera including metering is powered by two ordinary AA batteries (not included). Also very easy to use in manual exposure mode (useful for difficult lighting situations and when using film outside its metering range like Vision 3 500T): its equivalent shutter speed 1/30 makes it easy to use exposure meters (or phone apps) designed for still cameras. The manual iris control can also be used for in-camera fades. 

The camera comes in its original box, complete with detachable grip, user manual, lens cap and viewfinder cap. 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a film cartridge (though the film was not developed), the film transport is working smoothly and the light meter/iris mechanism are working well. The camera is in good very good cosmetic condition (see photos). The original box does show some wear.


  • Camera type: XL-type movie camera using Super-8 film cartridges
  • Lens: Zoom Rokkor-Macro F1.2, 13 elements in 12 groups, focal length continuously variable from 8.5 to 34mm (4X) for manual or power zoom; swing-in element enabling photomacrography at film-to-subject distances of 9.4 to 42.8cm; filter thread diam. 46mm
  • EE system: Through-the-aperture servo-meter system incorporat-
  • ing high-sensitivity CdS cell, mirror shutter, and bridge circuit, powered by battery-compartment dry cells
  • Films usable: Super-8 cartridges of Type G color film having a film-speed rating of ASA 160 or of black-and-white or Outdoor-Indoor Type A color film with daylight ratings of ASA 25 or 100 and tungsten ratings of ASA 40 or 160; film-speed setting automatically made when cartridge loaded.
  • Shutter: Rotary type with 220° sector opening and a speed of 1/29.5 sec. at a fixed 18fps and single frame; X sync. at single frame
  • Drive system: One electric micromotor for film transport, shutter operation, and power zoom while filming
  • Power source: Two AA-size (penlight) 1.5v dry cells, alkaline- manganese (Mallory MN 1500 or equivalent) or sealed carbon-zinc (Mallory M 15 P or equivalent) recommended
  • Focusing: 1.2m (4 ft.) to infinity by distance scale or split-image focusing spot in finder; macro range, by manual zoom ring and split-image spot
  • Viewfinder: Single-lens-reflex type, with split-image focusing spot; over-/underexposure warning, safe-run, and manual-setting signals visible while viewing; +1 to -4 diopter eyepiece adjustment
  • Film-supply indicator: Moving-tape type, automatic return when cartridge removed
  • Others: Electromagnetic shutter release actuated by filming button, built-in intervalometer, or remote input to socket provided; built in No. 85 filter (for using Type A film in daylight) positioned by manual switch but removed from light path automatically when movie-light is screwed into its socket; backlight adjustment to continuously give 1 EV more exposure than the normal auto setting; manual aperture control; handgrip attaches via tripod socket.
  • Dimensions: 48 × 103 × 184mm (1 ⅞ × 4⅙ × 7 in.) without handgrip
  • Weight: 650g (22 oz.) without handgrip and batteries
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