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Minolta Riva Zoom 70W 35mm camera

Minolta Riva Zoom 70W 35mm camera

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The Minolta Riva Zoom 70W is a quality point-and-shoot 35mm camera from the 90s with a very handy zoom range from 28-70mm. The camera is well appointed with features (including its nice lens with two aspeherical elements) and has a very nice industrial design (the lens cover is beautiful). 

The camera requires a CR123A lithium battery (optional).

Condition notes
The camera's functions were tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The camera is in very good aesthetic condition (see photos) with some minor wear on the body. The original case is included. We confirmed the film plane focus accuracy using an autocollimator. 

Example photos
Here are some pictures taken by other people using this model of camera



  • Lens: 28-70mm f/3.5-8.4 power zoom lens with 4 elements in 4 groups including 2 aspherical surfaces
  • Focusing: 3-beam, active infrared autofocus system with focus lock; Focusing range: 0.5m - ~ (20 in. - ~>), Macro: 0.4m -1.0 (16 in. - 3.3 ft.); Focusing steps: Approx. 300 (including macro range)
  • Exposure: CdS; external, center-weighted average metering; Exposure range (ISO 100): 28mm: EV 2.6-17 (f/3.5, 2s - f/16, 1/500s), 70mm: EV 3.1 -17 (f/8.4, 8s - f/20, 1/350s)
  • Film speed range: Automatic setting for DX-coded film ISO 25-3200 in 1 EV steps; Non-DX-coded film set to ISO 25
  • Film transport: Auto advance to first frame, auto rewind, auto threading, manual start of rewind possible; continuous drive: 1.2 sec./frame (without flash)
  • Flash: Retractable, built-in flash, variable intensity through IGBT circuit; Recycling time: approx. 0.3 - 6 sec.; Range (ISO 100): 28mm: 0.5 - 6.0m (20 in.- 20 ft.), 70mm: 0.5 - 2.5m (20 in. - 8.2 ft.), Macro: 0.4 -1 .Om (16 in. - 3.3 ft.)
  • Viewfinder: Real-image; Field of view: Nominal 86% (subject at 3m/10 ft.) 28mm: 84% (V) x 87% (H), 70mm: 87% (V) x 85% (H); Diopter adjustment (subject at 3m/10 ft.): -1 diopter
  • Battery: One 3-volt CR123A/DL123A lithium battery
  • Battery performance: Approx. 13 rolls (24 exp. roll w/ 50% flash)
  • Dimensions: 121 x 66.5 x 44mm (4-3/4 x 2-5/8x 1-3/4 in.)
  • Weight: 240g (8-1/2 oz.); Panorama model: 245g (8-5/8 oz.)
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