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Minolta Maxxum 300si 35mm film SLR w/ 35-70mm lens + manual

Minolta Maxxum 300si 35mm film SLR w/ 35-70mm lens + manual

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The Minolta Maxxum 300si is a versatile, lightweight, and very user-friendly 35mm film SLR from the mid 1990s. It features a very compact and flexible 35-70mm lens. Here's how Popular Phototography described it in their March 1995 issue

Many simple AF SLRs come, but few are chosen by snapshooters wanting the same simplicity as a point-and- shoot 35 but with interchangeable lens capability to boot. Minolta may have threaded the eye of the needle with the Maxxum 300si.

Minolta Maxxum (aka Dynax and Alpha) series film cameras are excellent choice for people who use Sony DSLRs as they use the same Alpha lens mount.

This camera requires a 2CR5 battery (available as an option). 

Condition notes
The camera (serial 94509025) and lens are in very good cosmetic condition (see photos). The only noteworthy cosmetic flaw is a tiny spot of discolouration in the flash diffuser (this won't affect photos).  All features are working correctly and the shutter is firing with good accuracy on all speeds (verified with a shutter analyzer). In addition we tested the camera and lens with an exposure tester, its light metering and autoexposure  It was tested with film installed but the film was not processed.



  • Type: Micro-processor controlled 35mm SR with expert control of autofocus(AF) and autoexposure(AE).
  • Lens Mount: Minolta A-type bayonet mount, compatible with all Minolta AF lenses including AF Zoom xi and AF Power Zoom lenses.
  • AF System: Through-the-lens (TTL) phase-detection system with one CCD line sensor and AF Illuminator. Continuous AF/focus lock selected automatically according to subject movement; predictive and manual focus control with electronic confirmation. Sensitivity: EV-1 to 17 (ISO 100).
  • Metering: TTL, 8-segment honeycomb pattern silicon photocell (SPC); direct TTL flash metering. Programmed AE (P. Mode) exposure mode with 5 subject program modes:
  • Portrait. Landscape, Close-up, Sports and Night Portrait. Sensitivity range: EV 1 - 20 (f/1.4).
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled, vertical traverse focal-plane type. Range: 1/2000 - 30 sec.
  • Built-In Flash: Guide Number: 12 (ISO 100); Coverage 28mm; Recycling Time: 2 sec. (according to Minolta's test method); Red-eye Reduction; Modes: ON,OFF,AUTO, auto flash in low-light or back-lit situations.
  • Viewfinder: Roof mirror type; 90% coverage; 0.75X magnification (50mm lens at infinity); -1 diopter (fixed)
  • Self-timer: 10 second delay of shutter release; flash fires three bursts just before the picture is taken.
  • Film: Automatic film transport, first frame setting, film advance and film rewind, manual film rewind switch. Continuous film advance at 1 frame per second. 
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 25-5000, ISO 25-1000 (w/flash) DX-coded film set automatically, Non-DX-coded film set to ISO 100.
  • Power: Camera: (1) 6-volt 2CR5 lithium battery;
  • Power Indicator: 4-stage power indicator.
  • Performance: Performance is based on Minolta's standard test method using 24-exposure roll film, AF 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, AF from infinity to minimun focus distance and back 3 times, shutter-release button held partway down for 10 seconds before each exposure.
  • Battery life:
    • Flash use 100%: @20°C (68°F) 15 rolls; @-20°C (-4°F) 5 rolls
    • Flash use 50%: @20°C (68°F) 25 rolls; @-20°C (-4°F) 10 rolls
    • Flash use  0% @20°C (68°F) 70 rolls; @-20°C (-4°F) 15 rolls
  • Performance will vary depending on the number of operations performed during each exposure. For performance with 36-exposure rolls, reduce the above data by 1/3.
  • QD Back: (1) 3-volt CR2025 lithium battery.
  • Dimensions: 147x 101 × 68mm (513/16 × 4 × 211/4sin)’; Date model: 147 x 101 x 69mm (513/16 × 4 x 23/4in)
  • Weight: 380g (13.4oz) (body only); Date model: 385g (13.6oz) (body only)
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