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Minolta Freedom Zoom 90c 35mm film camera

Minolta Freedom Zoom 90c 35mm film camera

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The Minolta Freedom Zoom 90c (also sold as the Riva Zoom 90c) is a very nicely designed 35mm film camera from the 90s with an interesting 'eye start' feature. The 38-90mm f/3.5-7.7 lens features 4 elements (two of which are aspheric) and offers excellent image quality for a point-and-shoot zoom camera. 

This camera is widely believed to be the same as the Leica C2-Zoom with a different body (Leica and Minolta collaborated on a number of cameras from the 70s to 90s). 

One nice feature of this camera is its very wide film metering range: it reads DX coded films from IS0 32-3200, which is nice if you like to use less typical film types (like Kodak T-Max P3200, an amazing low-light film with beautiful grain). 

If you opt for '+ battery' you'll get a new 2CR5 lithium battery; if you choose '+ battery & film' you'll also get a 24-exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film.

Condition notes
The camera's functions were tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. The camera is in excellent aesthetic condition (see photos) and includes its original case (which is good condition but has some wear on the leatherette logo).

Example photos
Here are some example photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:



  • Type: 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera Lens: 38-90mm f/3.5-7.7 power zoom lens
  • Autofocus System: 3-beam infrared type with cancelable focus hold; range: O.75m/2.5ft. (38-56mm), O.9m/3.Oft. (57-90mm) to infinity
  • Zoom Control: Sensor-activated Auto Standby Zoom (ASZ) sets a zoom position based on subject distance; zoom lever for manual override
  • Metering System: External, two-segment silicon photocell for separate illuminance readings of center and background picture areas
  • Autoexposure: Programmed autoexposure; range (ISO 100): EV 6 to EV 17 (1 /4 sec at f/3.5 to 1/350 sec atf/19) at 38mm setting, EV 8 to EV 17 (1/4 sec. at f/7.7 to 1/250 sec. f/22) at 90mm setting
  • Flash System: Built-in flash with auto, manual, and flash-off modes selectable; autoflash: flash fires automatically when required; manual-fill flash: flash fires on each exposure; range (ISO 100): O.75-6.Om/2.5-2Oft. at 38mm, 0.9-3.0m/3.0-9.8ft. at 90mm; with pre-flash control selected, a low-power pre-exposure flash burst is given approximately 0.75 secs, before each flash exposure; recycling time: 3.5 sec
  • Film Speed: Automatic setting for DX-coded ISO 25-3200 film
  • Viewfinder: Real-image type with focus frame, close-framing guides; magnification: 0.45X at 38mm, 0.95X at 90mm; image area: 85% coverage; eyepiece LED lamps show focus and flash status
  • Controls: Main switch; zoom lever for powered manual zoom; flash-mode button; pre-flash button; release-mode button; manual rewind button; focus and exposure settings fixed when shutterrelease button is held partway down
  • Film Transport: Automatic threading, auto advance to first frame, auto winding, auto rewind and auto rewind stop; rewind button for manual start of rewind
  • Data Panel: LCD with indications for ASZ, re-mote-control, self-timer, battery condition, flash mode, frame number, film transport, film loaded Self-Timer: 10-sec. shutter-release delay; operation indicated by blinking LED on front of camera and data panel self-timer indicator
  • Power: 6V lithium battery pack (2CR5) powers camera operation; data-panel indicator shows battery condition; shutter remains locked when battery is exhausted
  • Battery Performance: Approximately 25 rolls (based on Minolta's standard test method, using 24-exposure film with flash on 50% of the exposures)
  • Dimensions: 147.5(W) X 73.5(H) X 59.5(D)mm
  • (5-13/16 X 2-7/8 X 2-5/16 in.) Weight (without battery): 320g (11 -5/16 oz.) Optional Accessories: IR Remote Control RC-1
  • Specifications and accessories are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.


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