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Minolta Freedom Zoom 70EX 35mm camera w/ case + manual (serial 91502403)

Minolta Freedom Zoom 70EX 35mm camera w/ case + manual (serial 91502403)

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The Minolta Freedom Zoom 70EX (called the Riva Zoom 70EX in other countries) is a quality autofocus point-and-shot 35mm camera from the 1990s. It features a 35-50mm (f3.8-7.2) zoom lens.

The Freedom Zoom 70EX has a number of handy features (including a macro focus mode where the camera's strap serves as your measuring tape to make sure the subject is the correct distance). It is worth reading the brief manual (included; a digital copy is linked below) to familiarize yourself with all its functionality.

Battery info

This camera requires a CR123 battery (available as an option).

Condition notes

The camera's functions were tested with batteries and a roll of film (the film was not developed). All modes are working correctly. In addition, we verified the camera's film plane focus and autoexposure accuracy. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos). The included Minolta case is in good condition (see photo) and the included instruction manual is in legible condition. 


Minolta Free Zoom 70 EX/Riva Zoom 70 EX pdf 

  • Lens: 35-70mm f/3.8-7.2 power zoom lens; 4 elements in 4 groups; max.; magnification: 1/5.8X (for subjects at 0.48m with 70mm lens)
  • Metering Range (ISO 100): 35mm: EV3.9 to EV15; 70mm: EV5.7 to EV17; in flash-cancel and night-portrait modes, shutter speed is set to 1 sec.
  • Battery Performance: Approximately 15 rolls (based on Minolta's standard test method using 24 exposure film with flash 50% of exposures)
  • Viewfinder
    • Magnification: 35mm: 0,42x; 70mm: 0.74x
    • Image Area: 85% coverage (for subject at 3m/9.8 ft.)
  • Dimensions: 134(W) × 72.5(H) × 48.5mm(D)* (5-1/4 × 2-7/8 × 1-7/8 in.)
  • Weight (without battery): 255g (90z)
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